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Generic Retrovir or Zidovudine belongs to the class of medicine known as reverse transcriptase inhibitor. This medicine is used in controlling the HIV infection, hence increases the life of the patient. It also reduces the risk of complication that might arise due to HIV infection. However, Generic Retrovir or Zidovudine does not cure the HIV infection and also does not prevent its spread to other person by blood transfusion or any other means.

Generic Retrovir should be stored at a temperature that ranges from 15-25 degree centigrade. This medicine should be protected from pet and child. Care should be taken while storing the medicine and it should be protected from light and moisture.

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Generic Retrovir or Zidovudine is a class of medicine that is known as reverse transcriptase inhibitors. It is used to treat HIV infection.
HIV or Human immunodeficiency virus multiplies in the cells of the body during HIV infection. These viruses are then get released from the cells and then spread all over the body where they infect normal healthy cells and thus makes healthy cell as HIV-infected cell. This is the reason that leads to the infection of HIV to the new and uninfected cells that the body is producing.This newly formed HIV-virus should manufactured new DNA for each virus. With the help of reverse transcriptase, new DNA is produced. Now generic Retrovir works by inhibiting the activity of reverse transcriptase enzyme and also block the production of DNA and in turn new virus.

Generic Retrovir or Zidovudine is converted to the active form as zidovudine triphosphate inside the body. This has got similar function as that of thymidine triphosphate that is utilized by HIV virus to the formation of new DNA. The enzyme reverse transcriptase, instead of using thymidine triphosphate, uses zidovudine triphosphate and form DNA. However, generic Retrovir does not kill the HIV virus that is already present in the body. Generic Retrovir got approval from FDA in 1987.

Generic Retrovir is chemically known as 3'- azido-3'-deoxythymidine. It is odourless, crystalline solid that has a molecular weight of 267.24 and 3'- azido-3'-deoxythymidine as its molecular weight. The film-coated tablets of generic Retrovir contain various inactive ingredients such as titanium dioxide, microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, hypromellose, polyethylene glycol and sodium starch glycolate.

Other medicine of same class includes:

• Zalcibatane (Hivid)
• Stavudine (Zerit)
• Didanosine (Videx)
• Lamivudine (Epivir)

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Additional Information

Generic ZIDOVUDINE-(zye-DOE-vue-deen)
Strength Retrovir 100mg Capsules
Dosage The patient should take the tablet of generic Retrovir 600 mg per day in divided doses. However, this medicine should not be given to someone else who is also showing same symptoms as the user of generic Retrovir is showing. It is beneficial for that person but might cause health problem to someone else.
Side Effects

The user of generic Retrovir might suffer from nausea, vomiting, trouble in sleeping, headache and loss of appetite.

Sometimes, the patient might experience persistent muscle ache, weakness, pain in joint, tingling of hands, tiredness, changes in vision, sudden weight loss, fever, chills, cough and non-healing skin sores.

The patient might suffer from nervousness, irritation, heat intolerance, irregular heartbeat, bulging eyes and goiter (unusual growth in neck).

Some patient might get Guillain-Barre Syndrome in which the patient feels difficulty in breathing, swallowing, paralysis, drooping face and slurred speech.

The user of generic Retrovir might feel change in their mood, depression, anxiety, bleeding, changes in the fingernail, confusion, etc.

Patient might experience allergic reaction such as rash, difficulty in breathing, swelling of face, tongue, severe dizziness and itching.

Sometimes, the patient might get increased fat in the stomach area, upper back or decreased fat content in legs and arms.


Prior taking generic Retrovir, the patient should tell to the doctor if they are allergic to this medicine or in case suffering from any other allergy problem.

The inactive ingredients present in the tablet of generic Retrovir might also cause allergic reaction in some of the patient. Therefore, the user of this medicine should check all the ingredients properly before its intake.

In case, the patient has any medical history of kidney or liver problem, low white or red blood cells, then they should tell to the doctor initially.

This medicine might pass to the breast milk of the breast-feeding patient and might harm the infant. In addition, the pregnant patient should also consult to the doctor and discuss the risk or benefit of taking generic Retrovir.

To reduce the spreading of HIV disease from one person to other, proper care should be taken by the patient.

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