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Ventolin Inhaler

Ventolin Inhaler

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Generic Ventolin Inhaler is used for treating asthma, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, exercise-related asthma. This inhaler works by relaxing the smooth muscle in the lungs and thus open the airways to that breathing get improved. The user of this inhaler should not share this with other person as it might cause serious side effects to the other person.

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Generic Ventolin Inhaler is highly demanded in the global market for treating and preventing the symptoms of asthma. It belongs to the class of drug known as bronchodilator. Due to its reliable result, it has gained importance among the patient for treating chronic bronchitis, emphysema, etc.

Generic Ventolin Inhaler should be stored at room temperature that ranges from 15-30 degree centigrade. It should be protected from light and moisture. The patient should store the inhaler with its mouthpiece down. The canister should not be punctured or exposed to high heat or open flame. The inhaler should be kept at such a place where child and pet should not reach.  The inhaler should be discarded properly if expired or not needed any more, with the help of local disposal company.

Generic Ventolin Inhaler contains albuterol sulphate as active ingredient. The user should prime the inhaler so as to ensure that proper dose of the medicine gets administered during each actuation. For priming, 4 sprays should be released into the air, away from face. It is shaken well before each spray. 

Mechanism of action: 

Generic Ventolin Inhaler is works by stimulating beta-2-adrenergic receptors that are found in the bronchial smooth muscle of lung. As a result to this stimulation, enzyme adenyl cyclase gets activated and form cyclic adenosine mono phosphate (AMP) from adenosine tri phosphate (ATP). Due to high level of cycle AMP, bronchial smooth muscle gets relaxed and decreases the resistance of airways. This is done by lowering the intracellular ionic calcium concentration. The inhaler is known to relax the smooth muscles of airways right from trachea to terminal bronchioles.

Furthermore, due to high level of cyclic AMP, release of bronco-constrictor mediator gets inhibited. Some of the bronco-constrictor are histamine, leukotriene, etc. that are released from the mast cells in the airways. 


Generic Ventolin Inhaler is used to prevent and treat shortness of breath and wheezing. This inhaler is used against asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, etc. 


Generic Ventolin Inhaler is contradicted in patient who has history of hypersensitivity reaction of urtricaria, rash, angioedema, etc. In addition to this, it is also contradicted in patients with pre-existing cardiac tachyarrhythmia, irregular heartbeat, etc. 

Side effects:

There are chances that the patient might get side effects after using Generic Ventolin Inhaler. However, it is not essential that all patients using this inhaler will get side effects from it. Some of the side effects are:

  1. Nervousness

  2. Tremor

  3. Throat dryness

  4. Irritation

  5. Cough

  6. Dizziness

  7. Headache

  8. Nausea

  9. Trouble in sleeping

  10. Pain in chest

  11. Irregular heartbeat 

In addition to this, some patient might also get allergic reaction such as rash, itching, trouble in breathing, swelling, etc. 

Drug Interactions: 

Some medicine might interact with Generic Ventolin Inhaler and can affect the desired result. Therefore, the patient should always keep a list of drug they are taking and should tell to the doctor. Following are the drugs that might interact with this generic inhaler: 

  1. Furazolidone

  2. Linezolid

  3. Isocarboxazid

  4. Procarbazine

  5. Phenelzine

  6. Rasagiline

  7. Tranylcypromine 


The patient should consult to the doctor for the proper dose of the medicine. Based on the severity of the condition and requirement of the body, dose is decided. The patient should always follow the recommended dose. They should not increase or decrease the dose themselves.

The recommended dosages are:

  1. In bronchospasm: In adult and in children of 4 years or above, 2 inhalations, repeatedly, 4-6 hourly.

  2. In exercise-induced bronchospasm: in adult and children of 4 years or above, 2 inhalations, 15-30 minutes before the exercise.  

Missed dose:

In case of missed dose, the patient should contact to their medical advisor as soon as possible. 


If the patient suspects for overdose of the medicine, then they should consult to the doctor as early as possible so that any unwanted reaction can be avoided. 


  1. Prior using generic Ventolin Inhaler, the patient should always tell to the doctor in case they are allergic to this medicine.

  2. Generic Ventolin Inhaler contains various types of inactive ingredients that might also be responsible for causing allergic reaction in patient. Therefore, the patient should check the entire ingredient properly before using it.

  3. In case the patient has any medical history of heart problem, angina, heart attack, diabetes, high blood pressure, hyperthyroidism, seizure, low level of potassium, etc. then they should tell to the doctor before treatment with this inhaler begins.

  4. Generic Ventolin Inhaler makes the patient feel dizzy. Hence, operation of machine, driving vehicle and other such work should be avoided by the patient.

  5. During pregnancy, this generic medicine should only be used if recommended by the doctor. 

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Generic Albuterol(al byoo ter ole)
Strength Ventolin Inhaler - Albuterol 100mcg/dose 200 Metered Doses
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