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Pain & Anxiety

Pain is not a disease but it is a symptom that creates the awareness that something is not right in the body. Pain can develop due to any injury or illness. Pain may be mild or moderate or even severe. Also the duration of pain can be differ, i.e. acute pain or chronic pain. Acute pain lasts for small duration while chronic pain may continue for months or even years.

Anxiety can treated with several medications like librium, valium, valdoxan, pex 2.

Drugs that are used to treat pain are called analgesics. Analgesics may be Opioids or non - Opioids. Non-Opioids pain relieving drugs are those that treat mild pain like headache, body ache or occasional pain. While Opioids are addiction causing pain relief drugs that are used in moderate to extensive pain or after surgery.


Pain may be physical trauma or may be emotional. Physical trauma includes muscle cramp, fever, body ache, and headache, pain due to arthritis, joint pain, migraine pain or pain due to any heart problem or disorder.


Medications used for the management of pain depend on the severity and duration of the pain.

  1. For acute pain like fever, headache, body ache or pain due to inflammation are treated by the NSAIDs and acetaminophen drugs. e.g.: Advil, Indocin, etc.

  2. Opioids are drugs of narcotic category. It is used in extensive or severe pain or during cancer treatment or after surgery. e.g.: Tramacip,pain o soma

  3. Pain of migraine or severe headache is treated with drugs like Maxalt, Sibelium.

  4. Eye Opioids are given after cataract surgery to reduce its pain. e.g.: Ocufen.

Analgesic drugs are available in various dosage forms such as powder, injection, cream and spray.


Drugs available at our pharmacy are: Advil, Tramacip, Ultram, Voltran, Indocin, Feldene, Toradol, Maxalt, Xefo, Sibelium, Celebrex, Tramjet, Aleve, etc.




  • Indocin


    Indomethacin (in doe meth a sin)

  • Buy Generic Maxalt Rizatriptan 10mg Online UK, USA, Canada


    Rizatriptan (RYE-za-TRIP-tan)

  • Paraflex


    CHLORZOXAZONE-(klor zox a zone)

  • Skelaxin


    Metaxalone (me-TAX-a-lone)

  • Buy Zanaflex 2mg

    Buy Zanaflex 2mg

    TIZANIDINE-(tye zan i deen)

  • Toradol




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