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Ipravent 200 MDI

Ipravent 200 MDI

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 Generic Ipravent Inhaler contains Anticholinergic prescribed for those patients who are suffering from Asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), or Emphysema. This inhaler is very cost effective and easily available at our online pharmacy stores. You can buy Ipravent 200 MDI from one of our online pharmacy store www.pharmacysell.com. We provide these products at a much discounted rate.

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Generic Ipravent is a metered-dose inhaler which contains Ipratropium bromide. This medicine belongs to the class of bronchodilators, which widen up the air passages to the lungs, and makes it easier for the patients to breathe normally. This medicine is prescribed as a regular dose to treat the bronchospasm, emphysema, and other lung disease. Generic Ipravent may be used in those situations where breathing is difficult, for those patients who have undergone the surgery or during assisted ventilation. Ipravent inhaler is used to reduce or lessen the symptoms of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and chronic asthma. In these conditions, the airflow to the lungs is restricted and this causes symptoms such as cough, wheeze, and breathlessness.

Mechanism of Action

Ipravent 200 MDI contains Ipratropium Bromide as its pharmaceutical active ingredient. This active ingredient belongs to the category of medicine known as anti-muscarinic bronchodilators. The Nebulizer solution of this Medicament is also available without a brand name, i.e. as a Generic medicine. Ipratropium shows its effects in the lungs by blocking the sites of muscarinic receptors. These muscarinic receptors are present in the tracheal smooth muscles. In the natural process Acetylcholine normally acts on these receptors, and causing the muscle in the airways to contract and the airways to narrow. The Acetylcholine is an agonist, whereas Ipratropium is an antagonist of these receptors. Ipratropium blocks the muscarinic receptors in the lungs and therefore inhibits the action of acetylcholine on them. Due to this tracheal smooth muscle gets to relax and widen up the airways. This makes it easier for people with asthma or COPD to breathe.

Dosage and Administration

The dose of this medicament depends upon various factors; Diseased condition of the patient, Age, Sex, How you respond to this medicine and much more.

This medicine is inhaled by Nebulizer of inhaler as directed by your physician. The Normal prescribed dose for Adults is through metered-dose aerosol: 20 or 40 mcg usually thrice a day. The dose may be increased up to 12 inhalations per day.  Avoid its contact with eyes. It may lead to Pain in the eye, temporary blurred vision, and severe irritation. Due to this, it is advised that you use a mouthpiece rather than a face mask with the nebulizer or that you close your eyes during use.

Method of Administration

While using this inhaler, you should follow your prescription.

  1. Shake it well, so that medications present in the inhaler are evenly distributed.

  2. Keep your inhaler in the vertical position.

  3. Assemble your inhaler by joining its mouthpiece.

  4. After this step, priming is done until and unless fine spray is produced.

  5. Keep the mouthpiece of the inhaler in your mouth and close your lips.

  6. Then by pressing the upper lid, breathe in slowly and deeply.

  7. Hold your breath for at least 10 seconds.

  8.  If you need a second dose, repeat the above steps.

  9. Cleanse your mouth after using this.



This Ipravent 200 MDI is indicated for the treatment of Chronic Bronchitis, Bronchospasm, and Asthma.

Side effects

The most commonly reported side effects are as follows; headache, Uncontrolled shaking of body parts, abnormal heart beat, Pain in the chest, Rashes, Itching, Swelling in the lower limbs, eyes, or throat,  and Painful breathing. 


The temperature required for its storage should be in between 15° to 30°C (59° to 86°F). Avoid the direct exposure of canister in front of extreme Heat, light or Moisture. Keep this medicine away from the reach of children and domestic pets. Do not spray Ipravent inhaler into the eyes.

Drug interactions

There are few medicines which interfere with the working of Ipravent 200 MDI. These are mentioned as:

  1. Anticholinergic Drugs: Tiotropium, Benztropine, and Diphenhydramine.

  2. Beta-Adrenergic drugs: Salbutamol, and Salmeterol.

  3. Potassium Chloride Tablets. 


Do not use this inhaler, if you have the have following medical conditions:

  1. Allergy includes Itching, Swelling in the throat and tongue, and painful breathing.

  2. Do not use this medicine to treat acute attacks of Asthma.

  3. Cystic fibrosis.

  4. Vision problems.


This inhaler is contraindicated in those who are allergic to Ipratropium or to any of the ingredients of the medication. This medicine is not given to those who are hypersensitive to Atropine or its related products. 

Missed Dose

Take your dose as soon as you recall. If it is very much close to the time of your next dose, then skip the missed dose and start with your daily dose regime.


The overdosing of Ipravent 200 MDI may be Accidental or Intentional. The overdosing symptoms are pain in the chest and abnormal heartbeat.

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Generic Ipratropium Bromide
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You're reviewing: Ipravent 200 MDI

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