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Fluconazole Eye Drops

Fluconazole Eye Drops

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Zocon Eye Drops (Fluconazole) are used for the treat of fungal eye infections. It belongs to Azole category that is responsible to destroy the susceptible fungus cells by preventing cell reproduction. It kills the fungi that are responsible for fungal infections.

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Fluconazole is an antifungal agent that kills the certain fungi that are responsible to produce infections. Fluconazole medication belongs to Azole antifungal class of drug which is widely used to prevent infection by fungi. It reduces the production of the fungi and kills them by acting on the cell wall of fungus to prevent reproduction of fungi. It should not be use in other bacterial infection diseases.

Indication of Fluconazole Eye Drop:

Zocon Eye Drop (Fluconazole) is indicated for treating fungal eye infections.

Contraindication of Fluconazole Eye Drop:

Contraindications associated with Fluconazole eye drop are-

  1. If allergic or hypersensitive to Fluconazole or other Azole derivatives like Clotrimazole, Ketoconazole, Itraconazole, etc.

  2. Diseases in which Fluconazole eye drop is contraindicated are Liver and renal disorder, heart diseases like heart rate and rhythm disturbances, low blood levels of calcium, magnesium or potassium.

Interactions of Fluconazole Eye Drop:

Some drugs that can show interactions with Fluconazole eye drop are-

  1. Blood thinner drugs like Warfarin, clopidogrel

  2. Anti-cancerous drugs like Cyclophosphamide, cyclosporine

  3. Anti-fungal drugs like Voriconazole

  4. Antidepressant like Insulin, pramlintide

  5. Cholesterol lowering drugs like Atorvastatin, Nicolar

  6. NSAIDs like Aspirin, ibuprofen

  7. Sedative drugs like Amobarbital, diazepam

  8. Anti-diabetic drugs like Sirolimus

  9. Opioid analgesic like Alfentanil

Storage of Fluconazole Eye Drop:

Store the drug at room temperature below 30 degree Celsius. Keep the eye drop at clean place and away from direct sunlight and excess heat and moisture. Keep the solution out of the reach of the children.

Doses and administration of Fluconazole Eye Drop 0.3%:

Strictly follow the instruction and prescribed dose. Apply two to three drops as per need. Zocon Eye Drop is applied straight into the affected eye in the same way which other eye drops are applied. Shake the bottle well before use. Wash your hands properly before applying the eye drop. Lean backward and keep the dropper of eye an inch away from your eyes. Squeeze bottle slowly and let the drop to fall into the eyes.  Only recommended drops should be used for fungal infections in the eyes. Be in place as it is for 2 minutes. Close the cap and wash your hands. Remove contacts lenses before applying the drops and wait for at least 15 minutes after applying eye drop to wear it again.

Missed dose of Fluconazole Eye Drop:

Apply the doses of eye drops regularly for effective result. If you missed a dose then apply it as soon as you get remembered but if it gets the time for next dose then omit it and continue with your regular doses.

Overdose of Fluconazole Eye Drop:

If you are overdose of Fluconazole eye drop then consult your doctor.

Side effects of Fluconazole Eye Drop 0.3%:

Some common side effects that are associated with Fluconazole eye drops are headaches, g.i.t. upset, nausea, itchiness, irritation, inflammation, etc.

Precautions of Fluconazole Eye Drop:

Some precautions that is necessary to follow before taking this medicine are-

  1. Do not touch the tip of dropper with finger or any other surfaces as it can cause infections.

  2. Before applying this medicine wash your hands properly.

  3. If you are allergic to Fluconazole take proper precautions.

  4. Remove contact lens before applying the eye drop and use at least 15 minutes later applying the eye drop.

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