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Benefits of eCheck

What is an eCheck?

In PharmacySell.net, we are committed for delivering a world class service to our customers which encourages us to improve our skills of services regularly. We have introduced eCheck or Electronic Cheque Payment method for our US Customers. eCheck are the electronic version of paper works that don’t require stamp, paper and envelope like regular cheque. The important feature of eCheck which made it a popular option in business deals in market is its’ uncomplicated and understandable working process and trouble-free use. It also provides a safe and secure payment transaction option.

How does eCheck work?

The working process of eCheck is very similar to regular paper works of any cheque, the only difference in eCheck is its’ transactions are done electronically. When you make payment through the eCheck, the amount of cheque is debited from your bank account. Usually, the amount is processed to the recipient’s bank account within 2-3 working days. In this period recipient bank account shows funds in "pending" category.

What may cause eCheck transaction unsuccessful?

The transaction is unsuccessful through e-cheque only if there is insufficient amount of money in your account. In this condition, both the parties will receive an e-notification in their respective registered email address.

What are the requirements for using this facility at PharmacySell.net?

The facilities for using eCheck at PharmacySell.net are:

  1. You must have a US bank account.
  2. You should have sufficient amount in your related bank account.
  3. You should have the details of your bank such as bank routing number, bank account number and name on your bank account.

What are the benefits of eCheck?

Some of the benefits of eCheck transaction are:

  1. It provides hassle-free and easy method to conduct the transactions.
  2. It is convenient to use for all the people even from a remote place.
  3. It offers unlimited information carrying ability to our users.
  4. It is a less expansive payment option because it provides automatic verification and electronic processing and keeps the frauds away from the customer’s fund transactions.
  5. Though it has the standard ahead of the regular paper checks, it still keeps intact the essential features of traditional paper check as stop payment and reconciliation.
  6. This facility is available for all the account holders, even in the places where other electronic payment facilities are not availed.
  7. It provides a speedy and smooth settlement of financial obligations in a safe and secure way.
  8. You can save many papers are saved using eCheck, because all the transactions are processedin electronic version.