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Diabetes Drugs

Diabetes medicines are used to control blood sugar level in diabetic patient with type 2. Excess amount of insulin in the body can be controlled using these medicines.  When used with proper diet and regular exercise, this medicine shows its best result. You can use the medicine either alone or in combination with some other medicine for getting optimum result, as recommended by your doctor. Never take Diabetes medicines without consulting to the doctor as it might show adverse effects as well due to variations in the response of the medicine and treatment. Diabetes medicines balance the insulin level in the blood that is very important for proper health condition. There are various Diabetes medicines available such as Starlix, Precose, Glucovance, Glucopahge, Actos, Amaryl and Diamicron MR. Buy Diabetes medicines from us at affordable prices.

  • Actos


    PIOGLITAZONE - (pye-oh-GLI-ta-zone)

  • Forxiga 5mg

    Forxiga 5mg


  • Starlix


    Nateglinide (nuh tay gli nide)

  • Precose


    ACARBOSE-( AY-car-bose)

  • Januvia


    Sitagliptin Phosphate

  • Glucovance


    Glyburide + Metformin

  • Glucophage


    METFORMIN (met FOR min)

  • Diamicron MR

    Diamicron MR

    Gliclazide (GLIK-la-zide)

  • Amaryl


    GLIMEPIRIDE-(glye me pye ride)


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