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Buy Zaditor Eye Drops

Buy Zaditor Eye Drops

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Zaditor eye drops contain Ketotifen as active ingredient, which is classified in the class of medicines known as antihistamines. The treatment with Ketotifen (Zaditor) eye drops is used to manage the symptoms of an eye condition called allergic conjunctivitis. This is an eye infection that generally caused due to an allergic reaction. Person suffering with this condition faces itchy eyes, red eyes, and swelling of the eyes or eyelids like discomforting eye problems. Your medication of Ketotifen provides relief to patient of allergic conjunctivitis by inhibiting the work of natural body chemical named as histamine. This substance is released in body in response to the allergic reaction. The fast results can be observed within few minutes after using Ketotifen eye drops.

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What are the conditions in which I should not use Zaditor eye drops?

To get desired benefits for your health, it is important that you should use Zaditor eye drops in proper manner and avoid using it if you have any of the following issues:

  1. If your solution of Zaditor eye drop becomes cloudy or its color is changed as it indicates that your solution is contaminated.

  2. The product is not advisable in those people who are sensitive to any ingredient present in it or should use this product only after consulting doctor if person has history of allergic reaction with any medicine.

  3. This product is not appropriate to calm down irritation associated with contact lens use.

 What are the precautions that I should know while handling and using this eye care product?

  1. While using this eye drop, make sure that you do not touch the tip of container or expose it to any surface. It can contaminate your medication and further increase possibilities of developing other eye related issues.

  2. If you wear contact lens, you should remove it before putting medication in your eye.

  3. After you finish the procedure of applying the eye drops, wait at least 10 minutes before you againg insert contact lenses.

  4. You should practice to remove the cap of the refill after each use.

 What are the alarming conditions in which I should immediately stop using Zaditor eye drops?

Patient of allergic conjunctivitis Zaditor Eye drops should immediately drop this medication if the experience any of the following symptoms after applying drops in the eye:

  1. Eye pain

  2. Changes in vision

  3. Redness of the eye

  4. Worsening of eye condition with more itching

  5. No improvement is observed in 72 hours

What additional information I should know to get safe medication with Zaditor eye drops?

  1. Check the expiry date of medication before buying or using it.

  2. Do not use open medication for more than four weeks. It is better to dispose all remaining medication as you finish your treatment.

  3. Before and after each use, practice hygiene and cleanliness practices such as washing hands.

  4. Pay attention while using and handling medication and avoid touching any part of the open lid with any surface to protect medication from contamination.

  5. You should store your eye drops at a moisture free place.

  6. Keep your medication away from direct heat and sun light.

  7. Don’t let your children to handle this medication. Carefully store your medicines out of reach of children.

  8. If someone has swallowed the medication accidentally, he or she must be referred to emergency services. 

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Generic Ketotifen Ophthalmic Solution
Strength Zaditor Ophthalmic Solution .5mg - 5ml Vial
Dosage No
Side Effects No
Precaution No

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You're reviewing: Buy Zaditor Eye Drops

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