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Mircette is a birth control pill which is taken by oral administration and indicated for the prevention of unwanted or accidental pregnancy when other contraceptive method does not work or fail. This oral contraceptive medication is a combination therapy of ethinyl estradiol and desogestrel that is very beneficial to terminate the pregnancy by stopping the maturation and releasing the egg from the womb. The major function of Mircette is to make the uterine membrane stronger. Thus it makes the sperm unable to adhere with the egg by creating the obstruction in the entry of sperm into the womb or uterus. Mircette is the ultimate option for the prevention of the pregnancy. This pill of oral contraception is taken only once in a day. During the course of the medication, you should not miss a dose because it higher the risk to conceive a baby.

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How does Mircette work?

The pill of Mircette acts by the some important steps. It stops the ovulation by inhibiting the maturation as well as releasing the eggs from the ovary. The main ingredients of this pill are ethinyl estradiol and desogestrel which has other properties also like it can change the fluids of the cervix which adheres to the vagina.

What is the indication of Mircette?

Mircette is indicated for the prevention of accidental or unwanted pregnancy.

What are the drug interactions of Mircette?

Like other medication, Mircette also interacts with some drugs like:

  1. Phenylbutazone

  2. Barbiturates

  3. Rifampin

  4. Carbamazepine

  5. Tetracyclines

  6. Phenytoin sodium

  7. Griseofulvin

  8. Ampicillin

Note: This list of drug interaction is not complete. There are some other medications which may interact with Mircette and cause complication for you. So always remind your doctor at the time of prescribing this medication if you are already taking any other medication like herbal product, mineral, vitamins, prescribed or non-prescribed drug. 

What are the side effects of Mircette?

Some of the possible common side effects of this medication are:

  1. Myocardial infarction

  2. Hypertension

  3. Pulmonary embolism

  4. Arterial thromboembolism

  5. Hepatic adenomas or benign liver tumors

  6. Gallbladder disease

  7. Cerebral thrombosis

  8. Cerebral hemorrhage

  9. Thrombophlebitis and venous thrombosis with or without embolism

  10. Renal thrombosis

Side effects linked to oral contraceptives and other drugs:

  1. Bloating

  2. Abdominal cramps

  3. Nausea and vomiting

  4. Alter in menstrual flow

  5. Altered menstrual bleeding

  6. Mental depression

  7. Allergy rash

  8. Vaginal candidiasis

  9. Tenderness, enlargement and secretion of the breast

  10. Migraine

  11. Unable to tolerate contact lens

Note: In case if you develop any other symptoms instead of the above mentioned symptoms, then contact immediately with your doctor.

How should you use this medication?

Like other contraceptive medication, Mircette is also used as the same way. It should be taken only once in a day, but at the same time. Before consuming the pill, read carefully all the instruction mentioned in the leaflet that comes with the pack. If you have any doubt regarding the dose, talk to your doctor to avoid any complication.

What are the points you should know before taking the pills?

The important points you should know before taking the pills are:

  1. The most recommended and effective way to consume this pill is one tablet daily, at the same time. You should not miss a single as a missed dose can increased the chance of pregnancy.

  2. Many women reported that they experience spotting or very mild bleeding in between 1-3 packs of taking the pills. But you should not worry for this and discontinue of taking the pill. This symptom will subside on its own. Make a call to your doctor if the symptom does not subside.

  3. Do not take 2 pills at a time to compensate the missed pill because it can cause stomach pain.

  4. Contact with your doctor if you develop diarrhea, talk to your physician immediately.

What should you do if you take an overdose?

Overdose can lead to serious complication. So take medical assistant if you consume an overdose.

What are the precautions and contraindications of mircette?

Some of the precautions and contraindications are:

  1. Avoid this medication if you have thromboembolic disorders and have any history of that.

  2. This pill should be avoided if you are suffering from carcinoma of breast.

  3. The patients suffering from any disease related to the coronary artery should always avoid the pill of Mircette.

  4. Do not take this medication if you are experience any abnormal vaginal bleeding.

  5. Coronary artery diseases.

  6. Abnormal or undiagnosed genital bleeding.

  7. Avoid this medication if you are experiencing any diseases like estrogen related neoplasia or endometrium carcinoma, Cholestatic jaundice and some conditions like pregnancy.

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Generic Desogestrel + Ethinyl Estradiol
Strength Mircette - 0.15mg-0.02mg (Strip of 21 Tabs)
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