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Buy Melalite Cream 4%

Buy Melalite Cream 4%

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Buy Melalite Cream 4%
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Melalite Cream contains hydroquinone as a main therapeutic agent to treat hyper pigmentation. It works in the direction to alleviate areas of darkened skin such as freckles, age spots, chloasma, and melasma (dark skin discoloration). It can be used in every age group.  Melalite Cream don't not pose a burden on the pocket and you can buy the Melalite Cream from our site.

Product description:

Melalite cream is a skin lightening cream helping to fade the signs of aging. Melalite contain hydroquinone and glyceryl mono para-aminobenzoic acid as a main therapeutic agent. Hydroquinone interferes with skin darkening cycle and reverses the age spots and the hyper pigmentation. It makes the skin evenly and more radiant. Both hydroquinone and glyceryl mono para amino benzoic acid affects the production of the melanin. Melalite Cream is excellent for acne scar, skin blemishes, dark pigmentation, pimple marks and all kinds of facial problems.

Instruction to use Melalite Cream:

Apply Melalite cream at night daily. Wash your face and pat it to dry properly at least half an hour before applying the Melalite cream. Apply a thin layer on the affected area. Apply the Melalite cream in a circular motion. Rub with soft hand until gets absorbed by the skin. Use the cream for 3-4 months continuously for effective result.

Side Effects of Melalite Cream:

  1. Mild burning

  2. Stinging

  3. Itching

  4. Redness or irritation of treated skin

  5. Allergic reaction can also be seen like hives, difficulty in breathing, inflammation in face, throat, lips, tongue, etc.


Some precautions and warning should be followed while using Melalite cream are-

  1. If the patient is allergic to hydroquinone or any other ingredients present in it then it is contraindicated and avoid the use of melalite cream.

  2. Avoid using any products or drug that contains benzoyl peroxide or other peroxide derivatives may stain your skin. This staining can generally be removed with soap and water.

  3. Avoid exposure to sunlight. Melalite cream makes the skin more sensitive to sunlight, and may result in sunburn. Use a sunscreen or cover your face while going out.

  4. Avoid contact of Melalite cream into your mouth, eyes and nose and on your lips.

  5. Precaution should be taken if you are pregnant while using the Melalite cream (Hydroquinone Topical Cream) when. It can pose harm to the fetus.

  6. Don’t use the cream on the cuts, wounds, chapped skin or on sunburn.

  7. Contraindicated to be used under the 12 years of age.

  8. Don’t apply on the skin if it gets any bacterial infections.

Storage condition of the Melalite cream:

Melalite cream is stored at room temperature. Keep the drug out of reach of the children and the pets. Protect the drug from heat, light and moisture.

Missed dose:

If you have missed a dose of the cream then take it as soon as you get remembered. If it’s the time for the next dose then skip it and follow your regular dosage schedule.

Over Dose:

This drug is used topically so chance for overdosing is negligible.

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Additional Information

Generic Hydroquinone, Glyceryl Mono Para Amino Benzoate
Strength Melalite Cream
Dosage No
Side Effects No
Precaution No

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You're reviewing: Buy Melalite Cream 4%

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