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Buy Imovane | Zopiclone-Zopicon

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Imovane is a hypnotic drug which is used for the treatment of insomnia (sleeping disorder). It is used as a short-term therapy and helps to you get the sleep. This medicine acts on the central nervous system. This medicine shows its action by increasing neurotransmission that will make you feel sleepy. You can take this drug with or without food but it works more quickly if it is taken on an empty stomach.Imovane is a habit forming drug so does not take it for more than two weeks.

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Imovane is known as the sleeping pill which is used for the treatment of the insomnia. Insomnia is a disease in which patient has a difficulty to sleep or unable to get sleep properly. The active ingredient of Imovane is Zopiclone which belongs to the family of non-benzodiazepine hypnotic group.This medicine acts on theCNS and the release of theneurotransmitters which sendsignal to the brain that causes sleep.  This medicine is not prescribed for more than two weeks because this medicine is habit forming drug.

Indications of Imovane

Imovane is indicated to treat sleep disorder also known as insomnia.

Contraindications of Imovane

Contraindications are some conditions in which this drug is not recommended.

Imovane is contraindicated in some medical conditions which are described below

  1. Hypersensitive reactions

  2. Depression

  3. Liver cirrhosis

  4. Myasthenia Gravis.

  5. Apnoea syndrome.

  6. Pregnant ladies

  7. Lactating mothers

  8. Below 18 years of age.

Dose of administration Imovane

Imovane is a solid dosage form which is consumed by the oral route.

  1. For adult dose-The recommended dose of this medicine is 7.5 mg per day before going to the bed.

  2. For elderly patients or who patients who are suffering from the kidney or liver or other medical conditions - The initial dose of this medicine is 3.5 mg per day but this dose may be increased up to 7.5 mg in a day depend up the dose response.

Storage conditions of Imovane

  1. This medicine should be stored at 15 to 30˚ C temperature.

  2. Keep this drug in cool and dry place.

  3. Keep it away from sunlight, heat and moisture.

Drug interactions ofImovane

If you are taken two or more drugs simultaneously then this medicine shows interaction. These interactionsare given below:

  1. Anti-anxiety drugs like Clonazepam and Lorazepam

  2. Anticonvulsants like Phenytoin and Carbamazepine

  3. Antihistamine drugs like Diphenhydramine and cetirizine

  4. Antipsychotic drugs like Olanzapine, and Quetiapine

  5. Antibiotic drugs like Clarithromycin and Erythromycin

  6. Antifungal drugs like Ketoconazole and Voriconazole

  7. Narcotic drugs like Morphine and Codeine

Missed dose of Imovane

For better therapeutic effect, you should not miss any dose of this treatment. If you missed your dose before you go to sleep and you wake up so early during the night, do not take the missed dose to get sleep.

Over dose of Imovane

Never try to take an overdose of Imovane because it may cause some serious side effect. If by chance you have taken an overdose immediately seek medical help.

Side effects of Imovane

Imovane has few side effects which may occur after the taken this medicine. These adverse effects are given below;

  1. common or temporary side effects- agitation, taste change, chills, constipation, dizziness, dry mouth, muscle ache, irregular heartbeat, heavy feeling, blurred vision, heartburn, increased saliva, increased or loss of  appetite, sweating , indigestion, heart burning, vomiting, weight loss and tingling.

  2. Rare side effects- Aggressiveness, clumsiness, confusion, restlessness, coordination problem, drowsiness, memory problem, moon swing, skin rashes, wheezing.

Precautions of Imovane

You must follow some precaution before the taken this medicine. These precautions are given below;

  1. Patients have allergic or hypersensitive reactions to its active ingredients of this drug.

  2. Do not take this medicine if you have any type of personality disorder,depression and myasthenia Gravis disorder.

  3. This medicine should not take with alcohol and alcohol beverage.

  4. Do not recommend this drug to pregnant ladies, lactating mothers.

  5. This medicine should not prescribe for below 18 years.

  6. Do not drive or any operating mechanical work while using this medicine.

  7. This medication should be used when you go for sleep.


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