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Buy DesOwen Online

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Generic DesOwen is a medicine that is used to treat allergic rashes, eczema, and many other types of skin diseases. For better result, you should never miss the dose of the medicine. Never share your medicine with your near and dear one although they need it for similar purposes. Always consult with the doctor for the exact dose of the medicine.

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Product description:

Generic DesOwen is used to treat many skin problems such as allergy, rashes, dermatitis, eczema, and many more. Being a mild corticosteroid, the medicine works perfectly when used as recommended by your doctor. It reduces the redness, itching, and swelling on skin.

Generic DesOwen contain desonide as active ingredient. Additionally, it also contains various inactive ingredients such as polysorbate 60, potassium sorbate, propyl gallate, propylene glycol, sodium hydroxide, emulsifying wax, synthetic beeswax, isopropyl palmitate, sorbic acid, stearic acid, and purified water.

 Generic DesOwen should be stored at room temperature that varies from 15-30 degree centigrade. Protect your medicine from light, heat and moisture as these factors might destroy the usefulness of the medicine. Keep it in such a place where children and pets should not reach easily, preferably in a closed and locked cupboard. Always check the expiry date of the medicine before using it. Discard the medicine with the help of local company engaged in such work.

 Mechanism of action:

Generic DesOwen works by binding with the cytosolic glucocorticoid receptor and forms a complex. This complex then moves towards the nucleus and binds to the genetic material on the DNA and thus, many genes are activated as well as repressed.Indication:

 Generic DesOwen is used to provide relief from the skin infections, such as eczema, allergy, etc.

 Side effects:

Generic DesOwen might lead to following side effects in some of the users:

  1. Stretch marks

  2. Burning

  3. Folliculitis

  4. Skin thinning

  5. Redness

  6. Acne

  7. Dryness

  8. Itching

  9. Stinging

  10. Discoloration of skin

  11. Hair bumps

Drug Interactions:

Some of the drugs that might interact with generic DesOwen are:

  1. Prednisone

  2. Cyclosporine

  3. Hydrocortisone


You should apply generic DesOwen twice or thrice in a day. Apply the medicine on the affected area only. Shake the container properly before using it for uniform mixing of the medicine. Rub the medicine slowly on the affected area for uniform distribution of the medicine.

 Missed dose:

 In case you miss any of the doses, apply it as you remember about it. In case it is time for the next dose, skip the missed dose and apply the medicine as per your schedule.


If you suspect for the overdose of the medicine, consult your doctor as soon as possible.


  1. Before applying the medicines, you should tell to the doctor if you are allergic to this medicine.

  2. Generic DesOwen consists of various inactive ingredients that might lead to allergic reactions in some of the user. Therefore, you should always check the ingredient before applying the medicine.

  3. If you have medical history of problem with their immune system, blood circulation, diabetes, perioral dermatitis, rosacea, then you should tell to the doctor prior starting treatment with the medicine.

  4. If you are using any prescribed, non-prescribed medicine or herbal product, then you used tell your doctor proactively.

  5. In case you feel infection in and around the infected area then stop using the medicine and consult your doctor as early as possible.

  6. During pregnancy this medicine should only be used if recommended by the doctor.

  7. Nursing patient should apply the medicine after consulting to the doctor. 

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Additional Information

Generic Desonide (des oh nide)
Strength DesOwen - Desonide 0.05% (10gm Tube)
Dosage No
Side Effects No
Precaution No

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