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Budecort Respules 0.5MG Per 2ML

Budecort Respules 0.5MG Per 2ML

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Budecort Respules are used for the prophylaxis of Asthma. It is an inhalational medicine containing budesonide in suspended form. It is used to get relieve the symptoms of asthma like shortness of breath, wheezing, difficulty in breathing.

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Budecort Respules are the sterile inhalational dosage forms in which the main active component is suspended in a liquid vehicle. Budecort Respules contain Budesonide as an active therapeutic ingredient. Budesonide is a synthetic corticosteroid which is analogous to natural hormone cortisol and hydrocortisone produced by adrenal glands. It is used as a prophylactic therapy for asthma. Budesonide acts as an anti-inflammatory agent which reduces spasm of the airways. It is inhaled via a device known as nebulizer.it delivers the medicament directly to the inner lining of the air passages. This drug is not meant to be used during acute asthma attack.

Mechanism of Action

Budecort contains budesonide which is an artificial corticosteroid. Corticosteroids are the hormones produced by adrenal and have a role in controlling inflammatory responses. Budesonide acts as an anti-inflammatory agent which exerts action on multiple cell and mediators responsible for allergy of asthma.  It inhibits the infiltration of inflammatory mediators and thus reduces the spasm of airway caused by them.


Budecort Respules are indicated for the maintenance therapy for asthma and also used for prophylaxis of asthma.

Dosage and administration

Dose of Budecort Respules vary from patient to patient and should only be used according to the dosage regimen prescribed by doctor. They should be used one or two times a day or as directed by your doctor.

Mode of Administration

Budecort Respules are inhaled using a jet nebulizer. Do not use more or less dose than that prescribed by doctor. While inhaling the Respules, inhale deeply and calmly for 10 to 15 minutes until the mist has evaporated. Avoid contact with eyes while inhaling the medicament. Wash your mouth properly with water after each use in order to prevent oral candidiasis. Do not stop using the medication without doctor’s consultation as it can worse the condition.

Side effects

Inhalational corticosteroids are safer than oral corticosteroids but some side effects are reported with Budecort Respules such as:

  1. Skin – Itching, rashes, blisters, swelling of throat/lips/eyelids.

  2. Respiratory system- Painful breathing, blocking of nose, lung infection, bleeding from nose

  3. Gastrointestinal Tract- Loss of appetite, inflammation of the inner lining of stomach, vomiting, diarrhea and pain in stomach, oral candidiasis.

  4. Eyes- Redness in the eye, increased pressure in eyes (Glaucoma).

  5. Central Nervous System- Severe headache, Feelings of dizziness and drowsiness.

  6. Musculoskeletal system- weak and fragile bones, pain of muscles, growth retardation of pediatric patients.

Drug interactions

The drugs which are known to have interaction with the Budecort Respules are: Aspirin, Celecoxib, ketoconazole, Diclofenac, clarithromycin, Diflunisal, nafazodone, Adalimumab, Dorzolamide, Hydrochlorothiazide.


This medicine is contraindicated for those having hypersensitivity to Budesonide or any other ingredient of Budecort Rotacaps. It is also not indicated in conditions like status asthmaticus or acute attack of asthma.

Precautionary measures

  1. If you are suffering from serious ailments related to heart, Liver, Kidney or any other major organ do not use this medicine without taking advice from doctor.

  2. Pregnant or breastfeeding women should tell the doctor before using Budecort Respules.

  3. Do not use in Throat or lung infection and in status asthmaticus.


Budecort Respules should be stored at 25°C. Store this medicament in an airtight container so that it does not get exposed to moisture. Keep it away from sunlight. Store it in a place away from the reach of children and pets.

Missed dose

In case you miss the dose take it soon you remember but if it is the time for next dose do not double the dose. Skip the missed dose and resume routine dosing schedule.


The overdosing can lead to life threatening consequences. Call your Doctor immediately in case of overdosing.

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Generic Respules 0.5mg per 2ml
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You're reviewing: Budecort Respules 0.5MG Per 2ML

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