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Budecort Rotacaps 400 MCG

Budecort Rotacaps 400 MCG

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Budecort Rotacaps are administered through oral route. This medicine contains a micronized powdered form of Budesonide. This is used in the prophylaxis of Asthma. This medication is very cheap and you can buy it from one of our reliable online pharmacy store www.pharmacysell.com at a very reasonable price.

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Budecort Rotacaps contains Budesonide as its active pharmaceutical ingredient. It is a synthetic glucocorticoid steroid. It is a derivative of naturally occurring hormone named cortisol. This hormone is produced in the adrenal glands. It is prescribed for treating asthma by inhalation. Budesonide possesses a potent anti-inflammatory activity. Due to this activity, it reduces the inflammation and hyper reactivity spasm of the airways. When used as an inhaler the Budesonide goes directly to the inner lining of the inflamed airways to exert its effects. Budecort Rotacaps contain 400 mcg of Budesonide. This medicament is not used to prevent the acute attacks of asthma.

Mechanism of Action

Budecort Rotacaps possesses Budesonide as its active ingredient. This medicine comes under the classification of corticosteroid. These Corticosteroids are hormones produced naturally by the adrenal glands. These hormones have various functions, including control of inflammatory responses. They exert inhibitory activities on multiple cell and mediators participating in allergic and non-allergic mediated inflammation. Budesonide is a synthetic corticosteroid and is administered by the oral route as a spray to reduce inflammatory reaction in the airways.


Budecort Rotacaps is used for the treatment of asthma as prophylactic therapy.

Dosage and administration

The dose of Budecort Rotacaps varies from one patient to another patient. It is influenced by various factors such as; Age of the Patients, Sex of the Patients, and weight of the patients, basic metabolic rate, diseased conditions and much more.

The initial prescribed dose of Budecort Rotacaps 400 mcg per day in 2 divided doses. It may be increased up to 1.6 mg per day in severe cases.

Mode of Administration

Before the administration of Budecort Rotacaps, follow the directions given by the pharmacist or Doctor. When you are using this medicament to first time, then its priming should be done properly; until it produces the fine mist. The exact method to prime your Rota haler is to pump it into the air 5 to 10 times until a fine mist is produced.  The device used here is Rota haler for the administration of medicine. You have to load your Rotacaps into it.

Side effects

The most commonly reported side effects are mentioned below;

  1. Skin Infection- Allergic reactions include itching and rashes, Redness, Pimples and infection in the ear.

  2. Disorders of the lungs- Infection in the Respiratory Tract, painful breathing, and nasal congestion.

  3. Disorders in the Gastrointestinal Tract- Gastritis, loss of appetite, vomiting, Pain in the abdominal region and diarrhea.

  4. Vision disorders- Glaucoma.

  5. Bleedings- Bleeding from the nose and bruising.

  6. Central Nervous System- severe headache, Feelings of dizziness and drowsiness.

  7. Muscular problems - Fracture and muscle pain.

Drug interactions

The medicines which are known to interact with the Budecort Rotacaps are;

  1. Anti-inflammatory drugs: Aspirin, Celecoxib, Diclofenac, Diflunisal and Adalimumab.

  2. Non-Selective alpha and beta-blockers: Carvedilol.

  3. Drugs used to treat Glaucoma: Dorzolamide.

  4. Diuretics: Hydrochlorothiazide.


This medicine is contraindicated for those who are hypersensitive to Budesonide or any other ingredient of this medicine. It is not prescribed to those individuals who are suffering from status asthmaticus and acute attack of asthma.

Precautions / warnings

Do not use this medicine, if you have;

  1. Liver or Kidney.

  2. Pregnant or breastfeeding mother.

  3. Throat or lung infection.

  4. Cardiac disorders.

  5. Surgery in the past.


It should be stored at 25°C. Store this medicament in an airtight container. Avoid its direct exposure to light, moisture or heat. Keep this medicine away from the reach of the children and Domestic pets.

Missed dose

Do not double your dose. If it is closer to the time of the next dose, then skip the missed dose and resume with daily dosing resume.


 The overdosing symptoms are life threatening. Rush to your Doctor immediately.

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Generic Rotacaps 400 mcg
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You're reviewing: Budecort Rotacaps 400 MCG

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