Facing failure in erection is a matter of great shame not for the man but also for the woman. Unable to attain stiff erection breaks the confidence of the men whereas women lose her trust over the man and develop many questions not only for him but also for herself she got stuck into many queries like is she is not good looking? Do she lacks that attraction in her which can raise the erection in her man? Or he is dating somebody other that’s why he is lacking the energy to make out as he is making out frequently with someone else?

Men feel stunted in his manliness and lose down in his confidence? He thinks he is useless in making the simple task called intimacy. Now, he wouldn’t be appreciated by her wife and if she spoke out then he would leave with no respect in the society and friends. Now what men made a mistake is that instead of looking for the solution to the issue they started looking for the easy way to avoid such condition. For this they try to avoid getting closer their women so that intimacy can be avoided but this gesture in spite of improving the relationship worsen the relation the two shares with each other and infuse a sense of misunderstanding, confusion and doubt over one another this is how a sweet relationship gets distorted when the intimacy is not a good experience.

The state of erection failure or impotence can be corrected by the medicine Vidalista 40 mg enclosing Tadalafil as an active ingredient. This generic has been approved by FDA for the correction of a clinical case of Erectile Dysfunction. This is reputed Anti-Impotent pill which has successfully saved many marriages by improvising the intimate lives of men.

 Attain Stiff and powerful erection by vidalista tablets

Tadalafil enclosed in Vidalista 40 mg should be taken 15-30 minutes in lieu of making love orally with a glass full of water. The pill should not be chewed under teeth only be swallowed as a whole. Fatty meals should be avoided with the pill else its action might turn delayed.

Tadalafil on intake acts against the group of specific type of enzyme PDE5 whose basic forte is to breakdown the molecules of cGMP. Thus, as an after effect, the concentration of cGMP and NO will raise high in the penile cells dilating the penile vessels and relaxing the smooth muscles around the penile region to infuse a gush of blood to arouse a quicker erection.

Few malicious after effects can annoy the user of Vidalista are discomfort in the abdomen, stiff back, pain in penile, tearing and dry penile skin, wooziness, and lassitude.

Few safety tips advised to a man taking medicine Vidalista are following:

  • Sidestep your habit of boozing, and caffeine intake
  • Avoid grapefruit juice and heavy meals after the medicine
  • Overdosing can develop Priapism
  • Vehicle riding and machinery handing are not safe after this drug

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