Melissa's husband has erectile dysfunction. When you are an observer and a sufferer of something you are not responsible it is easier for the emotions to get out of control. Though she is not the focal point of the story would be the wrong thing to say, she is very much the center in her own rights. Her story involves a condition that invaded her privacy; entered into her bedroom when she was lying stark naked in her husband's arms, not knowing what the next moment and the moments after would be like.

It would be wrong to say that ED affected her husband at once, the signs were always there, they just did not expect it to come. They were both naked kissing frantically touching each other wherever they liked, entangling with each other caring about nothing but each other. He got her up to bend; he wanted to get inside her the only problem was his thing was not erect. She turned around to see him work, she thought taking matters into her own hands would do the trick, it did not.

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The problem began, he felt humiliated and left the room while she followed thinking if she would try hard enough things would be fine. Well, she ended up blaming herself for it, thinking her beauty has declined, thinking maybe she is not attractive enough to get her husband hard anymore. His changing behavior was of no help either, she was looking for an assurance that she is still that beautiful but he was running, making her feel worse.

The word love was going out; it was about time an intervention was required and her husband finally got it. A friend of his had to go through the same phase and he guided him. He told him about a drug called Cenforce and the amazing effect it had on his life.

Cenforce is a brand that enjoys a very high customer loyalty base. Cenforce makes ED look trivial by managing the condition exceptionally well. In ED a person loses confidence along with the erection, Cenforce by giving you a hard erection; make sure you perform with all the zeal and confidence. It contains FDA approved Sildenafil Citrate as its active therapeutic ingredient. 

Sildenafil Citrate works by inhibition of enzyme PDE-5 whose primary function is to cause the destruction of cGMP. The purpose of this drug is to save cGMP from being degraded, as it is an important chemical required for erection. When the male body is sensually active, it releases Nitric oxide which boosts up the level of cGMP and restores it in the male penile organ. This surge in cGMP level leads to dilation of arteries and thus, improved blood flow which leads to an erection.

Cenforce is commercially accessible in 50, 100, 150 and 200mg of dosing strengths. The therapy is usually initiated with the lowest dose and then graduated upwards. Take one Cenforce one hour prior to involving yourself in love related activity. You can take this medication irrespective of food but do not ingest it with a high-fat diet.

Some unwanted effects of this therapy are drowsiness, itching, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, rashes, sickness, overexcitement, stomach ache, muscle aching and protracted erection.


•     Do not engage in excessive alcohol and grapefruit juice consumption as these products have the ability to slow the action of this medication.

•    Do not indulge in activities that require complete awareness, till you know how you respond to this therapy. The drug has been found to induce drowsiness in a few of the users.

•    You are advised to stop the use of this medication and get immediate doctor help if you get a painful erection that stays for more then 4 hours.

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