Tik..tik..tik..tik..tik...as the needle of the clock is maneuvering round and round your eyeballs are following the same pattern. It was 10'o clock when you were in your bed and was trying to have a good sleep. Your eyes were opening again and again. You put your pillow over your head and tried hard not to open your eyes.

Suddenly you begin to feel suffocating under the pillow and sit all of sudden, drank a glass of water and pull down your bed cover. Suddenly look at the wall and the clock was showing 10:45. Oh my God! You yell out loud….it's only 45 minutes and you were expecting about 3 o' clock.

You lied down again and this time you started counting numbers in reverse order from 500. This huge number was irritating you. So, you again started counting the number HUNDRED. You almost counted it 6-7 times but this didn't work for you. You wake up again and went to the washroom. Came out and open up your refrigerator enjoyed some cakes and again tried to sleep.

Ambien Stilnoct is the medicine which gives you relief from Insomnia.

This time you feel sleepy and enjoyed sleeping for almost 2 hours, then nature called disturbed you and you have to step out of bed again. you went to the washroom with closed eyes and then came back to bed with closed eyes. You haven't opened your eyes with fear that you might not lose your valuable sleep from your eyes.

You fell in bed and almost half an hour you were sleeping but within an hour you heard your doorbell and this is your cleaning service. Oh Gosh! It's morning. You feel agitated and depressed. You in no time call the doctor and booked an appointment and came up with a solution of your insomnia and this is Ambien/Stilnoct.

Zolpidem is the active ingredient present in the brands Ambien and Stilnoct. The dosing strength in which Ambien is available 10mg and 20mg. This medicine is the solution to all the sleeping issues due to which a person wakes up again and again and fails to attain a sound sleep of good hours. Frequent wake ups annoy the person and invite depression in the mind too. Therefore, Ambien is the best choice if you or your near and dear one are struggling with this disorder of Insomnia.

Ambien is the medication following the category sedative & hypnotics. These pills when you take up acts on the brain to induce the inhibitory effect by binding to the benzodiazepine site located on GABA receptor. Medicine balances the charges on the two sides of nerves and makes the person relaxed from the disorder of lack of sleep. 

If you're a new user to Ambien then begin with min dosing strength of 10mg and take only one pill for about one time in a day orally with water 1 hour before you planning to go to bed for sleeping.

Ambien can develop dryness of mouth, soreness in your throat, nausea, exhaustion, back pain, poor cognition as side effects . Cautions one should take with Ambien medication are not to ride the vehicle, handle any machine after taking up the dosing. Avoid taking alcohol and evade the abuse of smoke.

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