Reactions or the moment a woman is aware of her pregnancy and gives her so much excitement is as equal to the shocked and heartrending emotions that she encounters when she experiences unplanned or unwanted pregnancy. A planned thing is always fruitful but an unplanned or unintended happening in life is not always so. Thus, for bringing a child with productive outcomes and healthy mind and body, a mother should always be healthy and free from any kind of stress or nervousness. However, an accidental or unwanted gestation could never bring a fruitful pregnancy and thus when you are not ready for a pregnancy, the best option that women choose is to eradicate it and plan later depending on the circumstances and the feasibility. The most commonly used easiest, safest and private way to end and remove the unintentional gestation is by using MTP Kit.


Description of MTP Kit:

MTP Kit is a Medical Termination of pregnancy way for ending and eliminating an undesired gestation out from the body in the form of vaginal bleeding. This is the most preferred regimen of using abortion pills for the safe, successful and private mode of pregnancy termination. MTP Kit helps in the conclusion of early pregnancy of up to 9weeks or 63 days of duration.

MTP Kit is a kit having abortion pills that should be taken in a prescribed manner for an easy annihilation of unwanted gestation in a private manner. MTP Kit encompasses generic Mifepristone and generic Misoprostol pills, which acts as progesterone antagonist and prostaglandin analogs respectively.

Mifepristone pills block the function of progesterone hormone that results in the shedding of uterine wall lining and the detachment of attached growing embryo because of inhibition of nutrient supply to the endometrium and the embryo. Misoprostol moiety strongly contracts the uterus causing complete abortion and then eliminating the abortion contents out from the body followed by the softening of the cervix for an easy removal of the contents out from the body. This way MTP Kit is successful in pregnancy termination.

The way of using MTP Kit pills:

MTP Kit encloses 1pill of Mifepristone of 200mg strength and 4pills of Misoprostol, each of 200mcg strength. Thus, you need to first ingest the 1pill of Mifepristone orally using water and without taking the food. Then, two days later, 4pills of Misoprostol should be taken in a single dose either with an oral route or with the insertion through vaginal route. Then two weeks later, you need to visit the physician for medical examination in order to verify the completion of pregnancy termination.

Nausea, headache, tiredness, back pain, diarrhea, vomiting, dizziness, strong abdominal pain, and heavy vaginal bleeding are some commonly seen adverse effects of abortion using MTP Kit. Therefore, women with ectopic pregnancy, breastfeeding mothers, and girls below 18years of age are never advised to take MTP Kit pills else, side effects may worsen their condition.

The following safety precautions are advised to be taken care while using MTP Kit-

  • Indulging in strenuous works and sensual intimacy must be avoided until the bleeding is stopped else, it may cause pelvic pain and increases the risk of infections and pregnancy soon again.
  • Women suffering from allergic reactions to any ingredient of MTP Kit should not take these pills.
  • Health regarding issues of heart, liver, kidney, migraine, asthma, and bleeding disorders are conflicting for the use of MTP Kit pills.
  • Women using MTP Kit pills are advised to remove their IUD (Intrauterine device) first, in case they are using it.
  • Take proper rest and healthy, nutritious diet for fast recovery after abortion.

Hence, using MTP Kit is a safer option than surgical method. Buy MTP Kit online at nominal rates from our drugstore with safe and private shipping option to your given address.