How to handle ED or Erectile Dysfunction? A million dollar question with an equal number of answers. Well, bear with another one if you may. The answer to this question is has various dimensions to it, so let's classify to understand it better. On one hand the answer is as easy as Use Vidalista/Cenforce, two very potent and effective drugs that are available for the management of ED. But apart from these drugs let's look at other ramifications and solutions.

How to handle ED or Impotence?

As the age progresses the issue of ED gets common there are various factors that come into play. For that matter, it is important to understand what leads to an erection. In a nutshell, there are various factors responsible for the occurrence of it; the important point to be noted is reduced blood flow through the genitals. ED mostly happens to people suffering from heart issues (reduced blood flow), Diabetes, any blockage of the arteries etc. If that is the case, then you must first find out if it is advisable for you to get into it, if yes, then proper diet is of extreme importance, low cholesterol food to avoid any blockade and a bit of exercise would help. Take proper medication, Vidalista is a better option (not above 65 though) and enjoy your love life.

If you are somebody who is younger in age and do not suffer from any of the above-mentioned conditions then a sedentary lifestyle or excessive alcohol use, chain-smoking, recreational drugs, depression, performance anxiety or depression can be a cause. The younger generation suffering from ED has mostly been found to struggle with ED because of above-mentioned reasons. Depression amongst youth has also been found to affect their erection ability, see a therapist is the better option here. Also, cut on the porn consumption and booze to get your love life rolling. If all this doesn't help take Vidalista, it will help.

Erectile dysfunction is the major problems in males due to which they are not able to satisfy their partner during Intimacy session.

How root ED off the head?

Another good question with a million answers. It is first important to note that if not sacred then at least lovemaking is an emotionally heightened act. If you make it mechanical, like performance-driven, it becomes a race and you are slowly moving towards 'performance anxiety'. Not good, if you take your time, spend more on foreplay, involve more and make it a compassionate and an act of companionship, impressing her is the wrong goal to have making the most of the time, keeping her happy might do the trick though.

When it comes to medications there are a plethora of options available, even then, there is a dilemma of choosing and the person gets confused and may stumble up on the wrong product. Two very well accepted and highly used drugs that have a strong customer base are Vidalista and Cenforce. Both these products have different generics but are well accepted by the masses for the sturdy erection they provide. Cenforce contains an FDA approved moiety called Sildenafil citrate while Vidalista is a brand of Tadalafil (FDA approved).

Both these drugs belong to the same class of medication so they have the same method of acting inside body. They act by specifically inhibiting type 5 of an enzyme called Phosphodiesterase (PDE). This enzyme is the reason for flaccidity of the male organ as it disintegrates a chemical called cGMP. This chemical is responsible for the elevation of blood flow inside the corpus cavernosum of male genital, thereby aiding in erection.

Both Vidalista and Cenforce are tablet preparations available in varying doses. Cenforce can be availed in 50, 100, 150 and 200mg of strengths while Vidalista is available in 20, 40 and 60 mg of dose order. These are meant to be taken with water. The dosing is usually started with the lowest dose and increased further on requirement. Cenforce should be taken one hour before and Vidalista should be taken 30 minutes before making out. Cenforce stays in body for 4 to 5 hours hence one day gap between two doses is necessary while Vidalista stays for 36 hours so a 3 day gap is a must.

Side effects of both these drugs are a few are redness of the face, back pain, dizziness, nausea, blurred vision, indigestion, headache, runny nose, muscle pain and mild fever.

Precautionary measures:

  • Alcohol is injurious for your erection even more so when you take it with these medications
  • Do not take Vidalista/Cenforce within 14 days of intake of any Nitrate drugs
  • Do not take these drugs if you are allergic towards them

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