The night can seem like an infinity when you are turning and tossing because you could not sleep. Possibly get by the perplexing as you have difficulty in staying awake.  You can find yourself getting too much or few sleep for several reasons. However, one of the common reason for the difficulty in falling asleep if insomnia, may occur due to many reasons including environmental, physiological, or psychological factors like stress.

Apart from this, some other primary conditions include restless leg syndrome (RLS), sleep apnea, and narcolepsy. This will come as no wonder that there is an adjacent connection between sleep and mental health and both can have an undesirable consequence on the other. The good thing is that insomnia can be controlled with the help of medicine called as Ambien/Stilnoct.

Ambien Stilnoct is a highly suggested medicine most often suggested for the management of insomnia and sleep disorders. This medicine extensively helps individuals to fall in asleep and give then sufficient sleep all through the night. This medicine helps in managing insomnia caused by psychological traumas, change of time zone, affections of the central nervous system, overeating and unnecessary physical and emotional fatigue.

Solve your Sleeping disorder issues with Ambien Stilnoct Tablet

It contains Generic Zolpidem as the main active constituent, which comes in the family of medicines called as sedative-hypnotics. This medicine shows action by interacting with the alpha subunit of benzodiazepine receptor and causes opening of chloride channel intracellular. Generic Zolpidem differently attaches with the alpha-1 receptor in alteration to benzodiazepines that non-selectively adheres with all three alpha-receptor subtypes and give proper and reasonable sleep to the individual.

The dosing regimen of Ambien/Stilnoct: These medicines come on the dosing regimen of 5 mg, 10 mg as an immediate release tablet dosage form. For the treatment of insomnia consume the medicines as recommended by the doctor or consult the doctor before administration as the dose depends on the condition of patients. Take the medicines orally with the help of a full glass of water as recommended and always consume the medicine when you have to sleep for 7 to 8 hours. The dose of woman and man is not same. One should not use more than suggested dose of this medicine as this may cause harmful effects.

Side effects: In some individual, this medicine can cause common unwanted effects such as tired feeling, loss of coordination, stuffy nose, nausea, dry mouth, upset stomach, nose or throat irritation, constipation, diarrhea, headache, muscle pain.

Preventive measures while using Ambien/Stilnoct: Individuals who are allergic to any constituents in Zolpidem or any other similar condition should not use the medicine. Consult the doctor if you are suffering any kind of medical conditions such as kidney disease, liver disease, sleep apnea, and myasthenia gravis. Do not consume alcohol or any other similar products along with the medicine as these are not safe along with the medicines. Never consume the medicine for longer duration without consulting the doctor and consult the doctor if you have to withdraw the medicine. After using this medicine do not drive or operate any machinery until you feel better.

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