A man faces the issue of failed erection at some point in time while making intimate love with the partner. This not only makes him feel stressed but also creates the anxiousness of a poor performer in bed. However, while reading this content, you are not alone in the world facing this issue. Numerous of men are improving their lifestyle, avoiding bad habits, and are taking Fildena medicine to treat their erection failure condition, which is helping them with improved vigor eliminating the erectile failure.

Fildena description:

Fildena Tablet comes in oral preparation that adult males are using worldwide for the successful and safe treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence condition while making intimate love with the partner. Fildena brand is remarkably used worldwide for Sildenafil citrate as its functional constituent, which helps in increasing the adequate blood supply towards penile part for accomplishing and keeping the hard erection in order to enjoy a complete and satisfying lovemaking.

Fildena is the excellent drug for removal of impotency problems.

Action mechanism of Fildena:

Sildenafil citrate moiety of which Fildena is made belongs to the category of PDE-5 inhibitor medications. Thus, the action mechanism of Fildena moiety is to obstruct the function of PDE-5 enzyme and prevent the degradation of cGMP, which is needed for proper blood flow. This boosts the level of cGMP that helps in relaxing the constricted blood vessels around male genitals. Hence, once a man is sensually stimulated, his body is thought to release nitric oxide, which helps with sufficient blood circulation towards erectile organ. This makes a man capable of achieving and maintaining the stiff erection while being intimate with the partner for gratifying his women with sensual satisfaction.

The dosing regimen of Fildena:

Fildena is obtainable with 50 and 100mg dosage strength oral preparations as tablets that are suggested to be taken with an oral route using water and with or without having the food. The advised dosing regimen involves a single dose consumption of Fildena at about an hour before intended sensual playing with the partner. This helps the drug to act within 30minutes of oral intake and stays in action for next 4-5hours. Therefore, more than 1pill intake in a day is never suggested because of overdose symptom of priapism (prolonged or painful erection). Thus, the gap of 24hours needs to be maintained between two doses.

Men using Fildena medicine may observe few temporary side effects of dizziness, headache, nausea, blurred vision, redness of the face, runny nose, indigestion, muscle pain, or back pain. Hence, the use of Fildena is limited to males who are between the age group of 18 to 65years and are suffering from ED.

In addition, the following safety measures are suggested to take while using Fildena-

  • Alcohol ingestion needs to be avoided while taking Fildena because of aggravated side effects of the drug.
  • Nitrate medications if taken with Fildena can lead to sudden hypotension and may worsen your condition so this must be avoided.
  • Fildena is not advised to be taken in case of hypersensitivity to any moiety of this medication.
  • Health-related issues of the liver, genital, kidney, heart, or bleeding disorder are contradictory for the use of Fildena medicine.
  • High fatty food and grapefruit juices are advised not to be taken with the use of Fildena because of the risk of low absorption of the medicine.

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