Men those who face issues whilst making out the sensual activity and feels falling out early in bed or men those who feel that are not sensually satisfied and then get concerned about their women partner and feels that she might also not satisfied with you and your act in bed can take up Cenforce medication.

Men those who are short-tempered, get stressed soon or is patient to anxiety or disorder like depression are at greater risk to suffer from this condition of erectile dysfunction. Patients struggling with cardiac circulatory disorders or conditions like arrhythmia, stroke or any blockage like atherosclerosis and some other health conditions like hypertension, obesity, Parkinson, Multiple Sclerosis, and diabetes.

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Men those have poor self-confidence, drink tea and coffee a lot, booze alcohol and abuse tobacco in any form or those that are frequent visitors to clubs and pubs and take recreational drugs like poppers or inject certain medications that causes hallucination is not healthy to be taken by men and that’s why knowingly and sometimes unknowingly they push themselves closer to the risk of erectile dysfunction that later turns you impotent.

Damage in penile nerves, blockage in penile blood vessels supplying to lovemaking shaft, hormonal changes in men, any anatomical change in the organ of men, surgery or injury in the region of penile and many other habits like poor diets, deep fried oily foods are some of contributing factors to ED in men.

Men incapable to attain a sturdy erection in penile and are struggling with maintenance issues of the stiffer erection in men can take up Cenforce medication an hour before making physical love with a partner. Sildenafil citrate is the core moiety enclosed in branded formulation Cenforce available in strengths 50, 100, 150 and 200mg. You can take this medicine an hour before getting cozy and can enjoy the sensual benefits until a long time like 4-5 hours. Men as soon receive the sensual stimulation gets aroused in his penile shaft and turns ready to perform cozy in bed.

Cenforce when diffuses in blood inhibits the function of enzymes PDE5 whose function is to break down the molecule of cGMP into smaller subunits. This medicine prevents the action of enzymes PDE5 thus stocks up the concentration of cGMP inside the penile blood vessels that produces vasodilatory effect inside the penile blood vessels and relaxes down the smooth muscles in which the blood is flowing towards the penile. Thus, blesses men with a quicker and sturdy erection.

Cenforce in men produces adverse effects that are like facial flushing, back rigidity, trembling and pain in muscles, cold feet, chills, dry throat and sore throat.

Preventive techniques that man need to opt when taking Cenforce includes avoiding grapefruit juice, coffee, and alcohol in excess, try to avoid deep fried food and medications consisting nitrates. Try to avoid operating the heavy machinery and riding any vehicle after taking up the medication. Men, those are allergic to active therapeutic compound Sildenafil must avoid this medicine.

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