We cannot say that if a woman pursues an abortion, she is doing it against the ethics. Having an abortion or not is completely in her hands. It is she who has to bear 9 months pregnancy and it is she who has to take care of her child more than anyone else. If she is not economically sound to take the responsibility then she can think of an abortion step. Choosing an abortion is not a crime. It is the future of that child who has to come in this world. If his or her parent is responsible enough then only that child should be bought in this world. In cases where women feel burdened to have a baby then they can choose the option of an abortion through MTP Kit. This Kit is highly meant to thwart pregnancies of less than 9 weeks only. With this kit, you can save the future of the unborn and opt for planned pregnancies.

This Kit MTP is known to comprise of Mifepristone and Misoprostol. This kit is meant for pregnancies that is below 9 weeks duration. There are many among us who needs to get their abortion done due to the malformed fetus, an economical instability. There are also many medicines available in the market; it is wise to choose MTP Kit as the best option.

End teenager unpredictable pregnancy with the help of MTP Kit upto 9 weeks.

Our body synthesizes hormone named as Progesterone that is an effective way to supply the nutrition towards the fetus for growth and development. This hormone balances the nutrition to the fetus and thus enriches its growth. Mifepristone causes the cessation of the nutrition supply and thus renders growth of your fetus. Misoprostol causes the dilation and contraction of the uterus thus removing out a fetus from the womb.

This is mandatory to use single tablet Mifepristone with each dose as 200 mg. One has to use it orally with water. There is a need to maintain an interval of two days and on the third day, you are advised to use four tablets Misoprostol with each dose as 200 mcg. One has to use it orally with water or by vaginally. Now, you should keep 14 days gap and on 14th day do verify your abortion step by an ultrasound test.

Contraindications that are needed to be followed:

  • One should not allow using of this medicine in severe allergic reactions.
  • One should not allow the using of this medicine in ectopic gestation cases.
  • One should not allow the using of this medicine in the age group below 18 years.
  • One should not allow the using of this medicine in bleeding disorder or when using corticosteroids.
  • One should not allow the using of this medicine when having porphyria or using anti-coagulants.

Safety Precautionary Steps to be taken:

  • You must render the using of alcohol intake as well as grapefruit juice as those alter the drug affect.
  • It is important to remove your IUD’s before going for an abortion step.
  • There are high chances of dizziness so avoid driving or operations that need vigil.
  • Take healthy diet and juice to cover up the losses incurred.

Some major occurring aftermaths that may result after using this medicine are as heavy vaginal bleeding, nausea, stomach pain, dizziness, drowsiness, belly cramps, and weakness.

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