Smith was 22 when they diagnosed him with anxiety. He was diagnosed with moderate anxiety and was given a very powerful drug called Librium. The drug is one of the most preferred medications and can be found in the pen of many leading physicians. Even Smith read about the drug and was fairly convinced of its gentility and efficacy but was reluctant in taking the drug. He never thought he had a problem, it was as if people were labeling him MAD whenever they said he had anxiety.

He also read in some places that the drug doesn't work and is used for a longer span, all this induced a sort of paranoia in him and Smith stopped taking his medicine. This made his condition deteriorate and Smith had even more terrible panic attacks than what he used to get. He also got involved in a fight with a cop, jailed for few hours, all this was found out by their family and they took him to the doctor again for a better counseling.

Use Librium Tablet to Fight with Anxiety Problems

The doctor noticed that Smith was fearful of being labeled as mad or a psycho (which was okay, all of us want that) and told him about anxiety that it is not madness, it is a very common feature and in some, it is aggravated and becomes a mental disorder that affects thoughts and behavior. There a few thoughts that makes way for a very excitatory response from the brain (a much-heightened response) which is the reason for all the trouble.

The medicine Librium that he gave him contains a generic called Chlordiazepoxide which is bound to an inhibitory neurotransmitter called GABA and heightens its response. The increased activity of GABA induces hyperpolarization of cells and brings down the excessive excitation of the nerves. This will make Smith's mind a calmer place and he would be able to enjoy everyday life once over.

For a person going through mild to moderate anxiety the recommended dose is  5 or 10 mg, taken thrice or four times in a day. If the person is suffering from severe anxiety, then the dose has to be upgraded to 20 or 25 mg, three or four times per day.

After the relapse, the same happened to Smith, his dose had to be increased but the doctor was concerned about the compliance, whether Smith would again try to skip the dose. One of the reasons why he skipped the dose was side effects. The doctor took him to confidence by charting the major side effects such as vertigo, dizziness, headache, drowsiness, insomnia, confusion, and irritability, he also told him that most of these side effects are intermittent and affect only a few users.

The above represented story is a work of fiction; it is only to bring to notice what leaving any drug for indication can do to the person.

There are a few safety measures that have to be marked out as it is important for a therapeutic and pleasant experience with the drug.

  • Librium should not be used for a period higher than prescribed; this can lead to habit formation. Avoid the usage of the drug in amounts higher than prescribed and for a longer period, stick to your individualized prescription (the above-written one is generalized).
  • You are cautioned not to take this drug if you are pregnant or planning to get pregnant as this drug can give rise to withdrawal symptoms in newborn.
  • There is a chance of misuse of this drug which can lead to harsh outcomes, do not share this drug with anyone even if he/she seems to have the same problem.

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