Abortion pills are marketed with easily consuming pills taken either with the oral route or through vaginal route depending on the brand. Abortion pills are made for mainly two generics called Mifepristone and Misoprostol. Hence, different brand names enclosing these generics include RU486, Mifeprex, Korlym, and Mifegyne for generic Mifepristone, Cytotec for generic Misoprostol, and a brand with a combination of both the generics is marketed by the name of MTP Kit. Method of terminating an early duration of gestation using abortion pills is called as a medical method of abortion, which is safer, easy, and secure than the surgical method of pregnancy termination.

Abortion pills easily end your unintentional pregnancy upto 9 weeks.

The working mechanism of Abortion pills:

Mifepristone moiety present in abortion pills is a progesterone inhibitor and Misoprostol is a prostaglandin analog. Therefore, abortion pills block the further growth of embryo by inhibiting the function of progesterone hormone. This causes detachment of growing embryo and the shedding of endometrium leading to the end of pregnancy. Further, abortion pills aids in causing strong uterine contractions and the widening of the cervix for complete abortion and an easy removal of abortion contents out from the body. This way an early gestation of up to 7 weeks or 9weeks ends and eliminates out from the body.

The prescribing regimen of Abortion pills KIt:

v Mifepristone brand contains total three pills (each of 200mg strength) that are recommended to be ingested orally using water and without having any meal. You need to take these 3pills as a single dose following with medical checkup after two days to confirm complete abortion.

v Misoprostol brand contains total 12pills (each of 200mcg strength) advised to be taken either orally or vaginally in a manner of 4pills as a single dose at every three-hour interval. A medical checkup is advised after two days to confirm the completion of abortion.

v MTP Kit brand contains 1pill (200mg) of Mifepristone and 4pills of Misoprostol. First, take 1pill of Mifepristone with the oral route and then take 4pills of Misoprostol in a single administration either orally or vaginally. Then, medical checkup should be done after two for the final verification of complete termination of pregnancy.

Some undesirable responses are observed while using abortion pills such as nausea, dizziness, back pain, headache, diarrhea, tiredness, vomiting, strong abdominal cramps, and heavy vaginal bleeding. Hence, abortion pills are not advised to be taken to girls of less than 18years of age, to breastfeeding mothers and to women with ectopic pregnancy. Moreover, it is suggested that women using abortion pills should remove their IUD (intrauterine device) if they have inserted before taking the pills.

Consider the following noteworthy points while you are undergoing abortion using abortion pills-

  • Abortion pills are unsafe to be taken in case of health issues of asthma, epilepsy, migraine, liver, kidney, heart, or bleeding disorder.
  • Use of abortion pills during hypersensitivity to any moiety of these pills is a conflicting condition.
  • Women must not take abortion pills until they do not stop the bleeding after abortion because of the risk of pregnancy soon again and infections.
  • Strenuous tasks and sensual intimacy must be avoided after an abortion due to the risk of pelvic pain.
  • Have nutritious and healthy diet for fast recovery.

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