Erection is a natural thing for males, whenever you get aroused, you feel it. Unfortunately for many of us, it is not such as easy job and that is because of a condition called erectile dysfunction. It is a complex process, erection, and involves a number of physical, mental and emotional factors to get an organ hard and stable enough to have a satisfactory intercourse. When any of these factors lack then this condition called erectile dysfunction (ED) can come up.

To understand erectile dysfunction lets first have a look at the anatomy of the male genital and how it gets erect. The male primary genital has three parts namely corpora cavernosa, corpus spongiosum, and tunica albuginea. The cavernosa has sponge-like tissue which extends all over the penile area and this part is covered and protected by a membrane tunica albuginea. The corpus spongiosum covers the urethra and the opening through which a male ejaculates and urinates. Apart from these the penile zone is filled with muscles, arteries, tissues, and veins which get filled with blood and lead to an erection.  When a man gets sensual stimulation as touching, rubbing on the penile area or seeing/ thinking about something sensually exciting.

The brain comes up and interacts with the nerves in that zone, sending messages to the muscles of the concerned region to relax which result in improved blood flow and arousal. The pressure in this area is contained and supported by the tunica albuginea and the blood is locked by the supporting tissues which lead to a stable erection. Also, the release of testosterone by testicles plays a role in determining when and how firm the erection is. An erection ends when penile muscles get tight enough to stop the blood flow which usually happens after an orgasm or when the stimulus is gone. Now, anything either mental or physical that disrupts this mechanism may lead to Erectile Dysfunction.

Cenforce has widely accepted the brand of oral ED pills which are the preferred option for first-line management of Erectile Dysfunction. This drug has gained immense popularity by offering a great erection quality that is sustained for a longer period. Cenforce as you may find it is a potent therapy that is applauded for the unfailing results it provides at almost every use. By fulfilling all demands for a better lovemaking, this drug improves the love life of a person to considerable extents and refills it with passion and zeal.

Cenforce is a brand of Sildenafil Citrate which exerts its beneficial response by improving the blood flow through the male genital. Sildenafil blocks an enzyme called PDE-type 5, this enzyme is liable for reducing the blood flow through male genital as it promotes degradation of a chemical called cGMP which leads to dilation and relaxation of the penile blood vessels and improves the blood circulation through them.

Cenforce is a tablet preparation which should be taken orally with water. This drug is available in multiple dosing orders of 50, 100, 150 and 200mg. In most cases, the therapy is begun with 50mg and can further be increased if more response is needed. Cenforce is taken once a day approximately one hour before making out. Take this drug in a sensually motivated state with or without food.

Some side effects that are associated with the use of this drug are heartburn, light-headedness, nasal blocking, muscle aches, headache, vomiting, extended or painful erection or redness of the face.


Some users of this medication may experience a protracted and painful erection; you are advised to stop the use of this medication unless the doctor asks you otherwise. Sildenafil should not be taken simultaneously with Nitrate medications as this lower the blood pressure to dangerous levels. People who feel dizzy and drowsy as an after effect of this medication; should not drive or do other related activities till they can concentrate fully as that may increase the risk of accidents. 

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