There is a whole lot of difference we have when it comes to abortion. Everyone has some or the other take on it, for some it should be completely banned some say it should be allowed in certain cases and for some it should be lawful in every case. These differences are not just there in opinion but are also present in the laws. There are about six countries that have banned abortion completely, by that it means they have banned safe abortions completely, most of the countries have certain restrictions on abortion and some have quite an open law about it. Many believe that it is no body’s right to tell a woman or a couple when to have and when not to have a baby. If someone unintentionally gets pregnant then they do face issues regarding raising the baby as it is a beautiful responsibility that takes a lot of effort and money so some people choose to abort.

The safest and most reliable way to go about it through the use of oral pills also known as abortion pills. Though these pills can only be used if the pregnancy to be terminated is not older than 9 weeks of gestation. There are two FDA approved ingredients used as abortion pills, Mifepristone & Misoprostol. They are also included in the WHO list of safe and essential medicines.

abortion pills is the easy remedy by which womens can safely get over from unpredictable pregnancy.

There are many brands that use these pills, the brands that use just one drug can be used to terminate a pregnancy not older than 7 weeks while those brands that use the combination can be used for up to 9 weeks. The most accepted brand that contains both the drugs is MTP Kit, famous brands for Mifepristone alone is Mifeprex, Mifegyne & RU486, a well-known brand for Misoprostol alone is Cytotec.

Mifepristone acts by inhibition of an essential pregnancy hormone called Progesterone; this hormone maintains the viability of the fetus and leads to development by supplying nutrients and oxygen. Its blockade leads to fetal cell death. Misoprostol is a prostaglandin analog medication which assists in exclusion of fetal cells from the womb by inducing a forceful contraction in the uterus, as a result the fetal cells come out of the body in form of a blood clot.  

MTP Kit contains both drugs, it has five pills one of which is Mifepristone 200mg pill and four are Misoprostol 200mcg pills. The therapy is begun by ingesting the Mifepristone pill first; it is taken orally on an empty stomach and with water. After two days the Misoprostol pills are inserted vaginally. After two weeks you should get an ultrasound done to confirm the process.

There are 3 Mifepristone (200 mg) pills in Mifeprex, Mifegyne & RU486. These pills are taken together, orally on an empty stomach along with water. Wait for two days and get the process validated.  

Misoprostol alone brand (Cytotec) contains 12 Misoprostol pills of 200mcg each. Allot these pills in four batches containing three pills each. Take them by inserting the pills vaginally after an evenly spaced gap of three hours. Take 2 days gap and visit clinic for getting an ultra-scan.

Some adverse effects that may follow this therapy are vaginal bleeding, fever, nausea, sore throat, back stiffness, chills, and shivering in legs.

Preventive measures to be taken with Abortion Pills:

  • These pills should not be used for termination of ectopic pregnancy.
  • Take complete rest; do not indulge in physically demanding tasks, take proper diet and rest to recover faster. 

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