Motherhood is one of the best periods of any female so that almost every woman in the world wants to be a mother at any point in the life. Being a pregnant woman this becomes very difficult to make a decision about abortion. A female chooses abortion after considering various factors or when the conditions are not in support to continue the gestation. Several times a girl or female become pregnant unintentionally but not mentally prepared to take on the duty of the upcoming child. In that situation, many of the females choose termination of pregnancy so that if you have decided to eliminate choose the best medicine. Abortion pills are most frequently employed medicine by females for the elimination of unwanted gestation. A female with by taking this medicine can execute abortion at home or at her desired place without consulting the doctor in privately. This medicine effectively eliminates the gestation of almost 49 days (63 days MTP KIT) and the day is considered from the first day of last menstruation.

Abortion pills are easily available in brands like Mifeprex, RU486 Pills , Mifegyne, Cytotec, and MTP KIT Pills . Every brand is consists of mainly two active constituent Mifepristone and Misoprostol and both works in a different manner. Generic Mifepristone belongs to the family of medicine called Progesterone inhibitor exhibits action by hindering Progesterone so that the growth and development of the fetus stop that is eliminated from the fetus. Generic Misoprostol comes in the category of medicine called as Prostaglandin analog that exhibits action by causing contraction that assists in eradicating the cells outside the womb.

 Abortion pills is the best medical abortion method which finish your pregnancy before 63 days.

Elimination using Mifepristone pill: This includes brands like Mifeprex, Mifegyne, & RU486 that contains 3 Mifepristone pills to be used orally as a single dose following 2 days consult the doctor confirm elimination. In case abortion is not the success you can take 2 Misoprostol Pills orally and vaginally.

Elimination using Misoprostol Pill: Brands like Cytotec employs 12 pills of Misoprostol 200mcg that should be used in three divided doses 4 pills at a time via mouth with ample amount of water and following 2 days confirm the elimination by the consultation of a doctor.

 Elimination with MTP KIT: You have to consume 1 Mifepristone pill of 200 mg orally with water and after two days take 4 Misoprostol pill successive12 days consult health care provider for the termination of unwanted gestation.  

Possible side effects may likely to occur while using this medicine such as a headache, abdominal cramping, and fatigue or bleeding which is risk-free and normal.    

Ahead of using this medicine you must remove IUD Intra Uterine Device and do not consume alcohol or other sedative products along with the medicine as these are not safe. Do not use in case you are allergic to any component in the medicine and avoid intimacy while using this medicine for some days.  Females suffering from any kind of medical complications like severe liver and kidney disorder, a bleeding disorder, cardiac disorder and other complications. Prevent doing heavy tasks that need alertness like driving, operating any machinery and consume healthy and nutritious food for fast revival.

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