Especially for a man who is facing the melancholy of physical dysfunction problems… here is a colorful ray of hope for them.... Try Cenforce Tablet to get rid of the difficulty...!! Cenforce is a very effective solution indicated to treat men with ED and grant satisfactory and firm erection to make pleasing love session. This anti-ED tablet helps in providing pleasing sensual performance.

 When a man experience difficulty in getting and maintaining erection firm enough for a pleasing intercourse and has less push for sexual intercourse, the disorder is considered under male physical dysfunction. Due to this condition, a male often feel shame and embarrassment. He always remains worried about his physical relationship with his partner.

 We are helping to endow you with essential information to treat this erection disorder which will be really valuable for you..!!! Some therapies are mentioned below to help you deals with this male dysfunction trouble:

  • Quit unhealthy habits like smoking.
  • Make a habit to go for regular exercises. This helps you to maintain your normal blood circulation level.
  • Always eat proper and healthy balanced diet which will aid to preserve your physical health.
  • Meditation and yoga also helps in improving the intimate life by lowering the levels of stress and tension.

 In such cases, if erection problems are still subsiding, take a tablet of Cenforce. The active constituent present in Cenforce tablet is Generic Sildenafil citrate which falls under the category of drugs called phosphodiesterase type-5 inhibitors.

Attain stiff and long erection with cenforce sildenafil tablet and enjoy your love making session.

This drug acts by relaxing the smooth muscles of the penile region, but it works only under the conditions when the man is physically stimulated.

When the man is physically aroused, some modifications occur that brings about full penile erection. The process of erection starts with the nitrogen oxide (NO) release in the cavernous body of the male genital organ. This nitric oxide interacts with an enzyme guanylate cyclase to cause increased levels of cyclic GMP. CGMP now interacts with the proteins found in the smooth muscles of male reproductive organ that helps in relaxing the smooth muscles of the male organ present in the cavernous body. This in turn causes an increase in the inrush of blood towards male genital organ which causes an erection.

Generic Sildenafil acts by blocking the action of PDE type-5 enzyme and consequently prevents the breakdown of cyclic GMP so as to maintain erection for longer time duration while making love.

Cenforce Tablet will be available in dosage form of 50mg , 100mg , 150mg , 200mg.

Cenforce tablet must be swallowed completely without breaking or crushing with a full glass of water. This tablet should be consumed half an hour before making physical interaction. This drug should not be taken more than once in 24 hours. This medication should be consumed with or without food and it may take longer to work if consumed with a heavy meal. So prefer low fatty meal while taking Cenforce or take the drug on empty stomach.

Cenforce shows some side effects just like any other drug such as wheeziness, trouble in breathing or dizziness, puffiness of face, eyelids, throat and lips. This medicine can show some hypersensitive reactions as well.

 Precautionary steps while taking Cenforce:

  • Consumption of grapefruit juice and excessive alcohol must be avoided while taking this drug.
  • Generic Sildenafil is contraindicated in patients taking nitrate containing medicines.
  • Cenforce should be avoided in case of adolescents and children.
  • If extended erections are achieved after taking this anti-ED tablet, you should discontinue the intake of drug immediately.
  • It is suggested that other PDE type- 5 inhibitor drugs should not be consumed while taking Cenforce tablet.

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