You were an energetic and a strong believer in love. In your terms, “there is nothing wrong in getting physical at any time before or after marriage, it is just about you, if you enjoy it then do it once, twice thrice……n number of times”. You were in college and are sensually active with many men. Believe it you find it good to enjoy the pleasure of sensual love with other boys, you did not believe in making love with the same boy again and again. You find it boring even think what is good in just making love with the same boy repeatedly. Well having so many advanced thoughts, you basically advised all men to take protection and even there are so many of years have been passed and you never get pregnant.

You were very much sure that all boys take protection and are nothing happened in last years then there is nothing going to happen in upcoming years. However, you were proved wrong because one day you realize that you did not get your regular periods on the expected date so when you checked you find pregnant. However, you know about the MTP Kit so you finally decide about making abortion by using it.

MTP Kit is number one medicine for draining the unwanted pregnancy of 9 weeks out of women uterus. It can easily make an abortion at home without any one’s help so it is very easy to administer these pills in the body. It keeps the privacy of pregnancy news so there is no need to worry about the leakage of pregnancy news.

Privately finish your uninvited gestation by using MTP kit Pills

MTP Kit compromises of 5 pills that consist of two unique medications Mifepristone 200mg that a woman needs to take in an empty stomach by oral route with ample sum of water whereas other 4 pills of Misoprostol 200mcg that a woman needs to take after 2 days of taking up the first pills. These 4 pills can be inserted either by vaginal route or can put the pills under your tongue and the deed is done. 2 weeks later you can go for ultrasound test so that it can be confirmed no pregnancy tissue has been left inside the vagina.

The primary medicine Mifepristone is responsible for stopping the supply of Progesterone hormone so that fetal tissues get deprived of nutrition, blood, and oxygen. It may also cause breaking of the endothelial lining and detaches the fetus from the mother’s body. The other medicine Misoprostol is responsible for contracting and dilating the uterus so that pregnancy contents get out of the uterus in the form of bleeding and clotting.

MTP Kit may less likely cause some of the undesirable effects such as faintness, heavy bleeding, cramping, nausea, abdominal pain, seasickness, diarrhea, headache, dimness, heavy bleeding, nausea, fever.

Take some cautionary measures:

v  Don’t take alcohol while making an abortion.

v  Don’t get physical till the bleeding stops.

v  Don’t lift heavy things or do heavy exercise.

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