Just a few months ago you were a usual, fun loving and school hating girl in your college. You don’t like to go to college and even you have a limited number of friends because you did not like to talk to everyone. You loved your family, your counted friends, and my boyfriend. Your family knows your boyfriend so once when your family was not at home you call your boyfriend to spend the night. Basically, you were not ready for the physical session and you have called him just for party and fun. However after one or two drinks when all your friends were busy with their boyfriends, he somewhat starts loving you. Well, you go with the flow and things end with the intimate session.

That night was awesome and you have faded memory of that night so you were confused that intercourse was happened or not. Days go on and you realized about your missing date after 10 days. You were pregnant and not in a condition to accept it. You don’t know what you do now. You were trying to deal with it when you confront it to him; he clearly denied accepting the pregnancy. Things were clear you don’t want it but was not sure about the measures of ending a pregnancy.

MTP Kit can solve your problem as it is a new age abortion pill that helps you to end your unplanned pregnancy of 9 weeks. This medicinal way can also be used by you at home without any ones help. By this way, you can keep your pregnancy news secretive without disclosing it to anyone. Mifepristone and Misoprostol are the two important generic constituents present in MTP kit for making an easy abortion.

Easily End Your Unplanned pregnancy with MTP kit

The first medicine Mifepristone is responsible for hindering the actions of progesterone hormone so that there is no more supply of essential needs of the fetus leading to fetal death. It also breaks up the uterine wall so that fetus does not remain connected to the uterus. The other medication “Misoprostol” makes strong contractions in the body; that leads to easy expulsion of the dead fetus from the body in the form of clotting and bleeding. It is very easy to make abortion by yourself as in the early morning time in the empty stomach; you need to take one tablet of Mifepristone (200mg) by oral route with one glass full of water. Then wait for 3 days, and take our tablets of Misoprostol (each of 200mcg) by orally or vaginally. Afterward, you need to wait for the 14th day and go for an ultrasound for getting sure about the abortion.

Follow some of the important safety information about MTP Kit: You need to completely restrict yourself from taking alcohol as it may worsen the side effects of MTP Kit. You also need to avoid lifting any heavy object as it may cause excessive bleeding. If any severe side effect happens then call your doctor on urgent basis. However it may possible you may face bleeding, vaginal infection or rashes or nausea as side effects of it.