Long, thick, and dark eyelashes give an illusion of large eyes making the beholder entrapped. Attaining such eyelashes is a desire of every person especially the women that not only protects your eyes from entering any dust, or foreign material but also aids in beautifying the eyes. Such compelling eyes with dense and long eyelashes intensify the loveliness and seem like an icing on the cake. Some people are blessed such beauty naturally, however, some have to attain with other means. Therefore, in spite of using false eyelashes, mascara, and other expensive and harmful cosmetic products, takes the help of Careprost Eye Drop, which is beneficial in elongating and making your eyelashes with a natural process.

Get thick and strong eye lashes by using careprost eye drop

Careprost is a wonderful ophthalmic solution that not only has medicine al purpose but is also an FDA approved moiety for cosmetic purpose when you have short and thin eyelashes called Madarosis or Hypotrichosis condition of eyelashes. Hence, Careprost helps in making your dull, short, and thin eyelashes to be dark, thick, and lengthy. This ophthalmic solution contains generic Bimatoprost, which is a prostaglandin analog moiety and is thus useful in managing the pressure inside the eyes during glaucoma condition. For eyelash extension, this ophthalmic remedy is effective in lengthening the period of anagen (growth) phase and shortening the telogen (resting) phase during the growth cycle of hair follicles. This makes the short, deficient, and thin eyelashes to be thick, dense, and long extending the eye beauty.

Careprost eye drop is applied as a topical formulation for lengthening eyelashes. An applicator is given with Careprost solution for the usage or you can take the help of clean and dry eyeliner brush, or Q-tips. For applying Careprost, a drop is taken at the tip of the applicator or brush and then a line is recommended to make at upper lash line margin. Careprost solution is advised to be used every night for once before you go to sleep for the duration of 12-16weeks. After application, wipe the excess of solution, close your eyes, and avoid using at the lower lashes. Use of this ophthalmic solution in overdose is never advised because of the risk of worsening of side effects.

Blurred vision, headache, iris pigmentation, sensitivity increased to light, dry, itchy, or red eyes, and the mild sense of burning at the solution application skin are some commonly observed side effects of Careprost. Hence, the removal of makeup and contact lenses is advised prior to the use of this eye drop else, these may cause interaction and affect your eyes.

It is also advised that the users should take care of following safety precautions for the use of Careprost:

  • Usage of Careprost is contrary in case of the suffering of any other ophthalmic or health disorder.
  • Allergic reactions to any constituent of this ophthalmic make it conflicting for the use.
  • Application of this ophthalmic solution is contrary in children, elderly persons, pregnant women, and nursing mothers.
  • A gap of 10-15minutes is advised to be maintained between the usage of Careprost or any other medicine and the reinsertion of contact lenses.
  • Careprost eye drop may contaminate if the bottle tip touch to eyes, fingers, or any other surface. Hence, precautions should be taken care of the proper use.

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