Abortion acts none less than a fundamental right towards protection of women sexual and reproductive organ. This is because the abuse of alcohol and drugs are high amongst teens which are endangering more number of immature teenage innocent girls, less educated girls, poor & unmarried women to fall as a victim to rape, molestation, and assault by the abusive boys. Some inhuman males in our society are responsible for the rise in a number of crimes especially sexual crime against a woman and other innocent teenage girls.

Abortion in such women and those teenage girls act as a savior to women against crime, therefore, serves as the best tool for the protection of reproductive rights in women. Not this but abortion also acts a check to the protection of birth of unwanted babies who are later left on streets, churches by the mother/parents or are forced to raise in extreme compromising situation of poverty. Such children at their adulthood age are at greater risk to live a criminal life as they grow devoid of love, care & affection in a different environment of hate, dejection, and negligence. Therefore the life of unwanted child turns none less than a punishment. Therefore, both mother and child go through lifetime punishment. The best available cure we have for this situation is Abortion through a medical method that is by consuming abortifacient Mifepristone & Misoprostol pills.

MTP Kit is a great choice to undergo an abortion in disguise of usual menstruation cycle. As taking these pills a woman bleeds out her unwanted pregnancy naturally through the process of vaginal bleeding by degrading down the endometrial lining covering the inner side of the uterine which gives the fetal cells a base to absorption of nutrition and oxygen. Mifepristone show anti-progesterone effect and counters this hormone synthesis & release in the body.

 MTP kit is the affordable drug for womens to end their unexpected pregnancy in privately at their home.

The deficit of which turns the degradation of the uterine endothelial wall. Misoprostol on other plays a major role in the easy evacuation of the unwanted blob of fetal debris by inducing the contractions in the uterus and dilating the opening of the vagina for easy flow out of the unwanted pregnancy.

Regime to take MTP Kit is one pill of 200mg Mifepristone on day 1 over an empty stomach & takes all 4 pills of 200mcg Misoprostol later giving the lapse of 2 days to the first dosing. The latter pills can be taken either in the ways either sublingual or through insinuate. Taking all pills of the packing you have to wait for a fortnight to visit nearby physician clinic for the confirmation of the evacuation of the uterus of the unwanted pregnancy.

A handful of malicious effects a woman may encounter when taking pills of MTP Kit are severe abdominal discomfort, stiffness in the back, trembling in muscles, exhaustion, headache, vomiting & sore throat.

Safety tips a woman should follow when taking pills of MTP kit are like avoiding the alcohol, coffee, and fatty/deep oil fried foods. Avoid physical connection and any strenuous workout until you’re bleeding from your vagina. Avoid these pills in case you have an ectopic pregnancy.

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