The couple cannot decide who is going to play first on the bed to make each other happy. We all know that there is no hard and fast rule of satisfied lovemaking. The love between the couple just happens when they both are passionate towards each other. The intimacy is a natural feeling to happen when the couple comes in contact with each other. It became so special and private moment so that they get wild on the bed and become silent lover on the bed, as at that time their love and body start talking with each other. They both get involved with each other so well that they forget all the things happening around them. But what if a man is not getting a harder erection, then all the love, feeling and passion of lovemaking comes to end. Hence, man must have to take care of their erection. “And” if you know about trouble then must take Cenforce  before lovemaking so that you and your mate can enjoy lasting lovemaking on the bed.

Cenforce  an anti-impotency class of drug has vast application in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The drug may enclose of Sildenafil as a main functional moiety, which exerts its action towards erection failure. The drug is very safe and secure medication to be used to get back the firm and harder erection. It makes the men penile harder enough for pleasing and satisfied erection.

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Sildenafil has a place in the family of PDE- 5 enzyme inhibitor. The enzyme causes the depletion of CGMP in the men body, which further obstructs the blood flow in men penile. Thus, Sildenafil blocks the functioning of PDE-5 enzyme and increase the total production of cGMP into the body. These furthermore, causes the enhance amount of blood to reach in the penile for a harder erection. But remember that sexual stimulation is must during drug intake as drug alone does not show effective action.

Cenforce  the oral tablets are easily accessible in the measurements of 20, 40 and 60mg. The impotent men can initiate their well-being with lower possible dose. You just have to take one pill of the desired strength orally with help of water 30 minutes former to lovemaking. The drug may execute its action in 15 minutes and stay over for the duration of 48 hours. Therefore, men must have to take only one tablet of Cenforce  once in a week.

The men taking Cenforce  may notice some adverse effects as of muscle pain, chest pain, body pain, headache, nasal decongestion, facial flushing, stomach upset, dizziness, drowsiness, blur vision and a ringing sound in the ear.

Therefore, to lower down the drug side effects men must have to limit the intake of alcohol and grapefruit juices. To increase the drug activity avoids the intake of fatty food. Do not take Cenforce  if you are taking nitrate medication for chest pain. If you experience dizziness then prohibit driving and machinery work while taking Cenforce . If you have medical issues with liver, kidney, heart and allergic reaction then do not take Cenforce .

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