There is a unique terror comes in mind when you even think that an uninvited human is growing inside your body. No girl wants to experience that scary and maybe no one wants. Your unplanned pregnancy forced you to question yourself, about everything that no girl wants to think at her college. When you are quite younger and in mid of your education. A wave of different emotions, thoughts just strike your mind.

How do you cope with the responsibility of upcoming baby for whom you are not ready with? How do you manage the shameful emotions and thoughts that are moving in your mind? What you do now when you are expecting an expecting baby.

An unwanted pregnancy can have a non-changeable effect on a woman's life. If she has just started her career and definitely she worked hard for it. Forgetting it she has completed her education then no of interviews and then finally she gets a job where she feels that her future is secured just some more time in the company then everything got settled. Her job, her career, her efforts and finally her dream goes in vain.

Use of Abortion Pills is perfect solution to end pregnancy.

As abortion is the only option that can settle everything, and nothing can work better than Abortion pills. Abortion pills have become a smarter option of today's woman as this allows her to maintain the privacy of her pregnancy news. These pills can be used at home so there is no need to go anywhere else for abortion. Abortion pills have a given a chance to woman to erase her mistake of un-invited pregnancy and continue her life without stoppage. You can trust Abortion pills because they are made up of FDA-approved generic medicines namely Mifepristone and Misoprostol.

Brands that you can opt for abortion are:

  • RU486, Mifeprex Korlym, and Mifegyne- Generic Mifepristone is found in these brands to end gestation of 7 weeks.
  • Cytotec- Generic Misoprostol is found in this brand to end 7 weeks pregnancy.
  • MTP Kit- It is made up of Mifepristone and Misoprostol that successfully ends 9 weeks pregnancy.

Mifepristone is an anti-progesterone hormone that constrains the functioning of progesterone hormone in the female body. As this hormone gets blocked, so the supply of the essential requirements to the fetus gets stopped that ends the life of the fetus. Second important compound Misoprostol makes the forceful narrowing of the endometrial wall by making energetic contractions so that dead fetus goes out from the female body.

The dosing regimen of Abortion pills:

  • Women who are opting MTP Kit is advised to take a single Mifepristone pill orally on empty stomach on her first day. On her third day, it is recommended to take four Misoprostol pills via mouth or vagina. At her 14th day, she needs to visit the hospital for finally verify abortion via ultrasound.
  • Women who are opting any brand made up of Mifepristone needs to take three Mifepristone pills via oral route in an empty stomach. After 2 days, go for an ultrasound for abortion confirmation. By chance abortion fails, it is advised to take two Misoprostol pills via vagina or mouth. Then maintain a gap of 2 days and go to the hospital for final confirming about abortion.
  • Women who are opting any brand of Misoprostol are advised to take 12 pills of Misoprostol. She needs to take these pill in the grouping of four- four-four at a gap of 5 hours by vagina or mouth. Lastly, she needs to go for an ultrasound to get sure about abortion.

You need to be alert from the risk effects of Abortion pills such as loose stools, stomach cramps, pain in your back,  lightheadedness, the feeling of tiredness, headache, vaginal discharge, heavy bleeding, and discomfort.


  • Abortion pills cannot take in case of ectopic pregnancy or pregnancy exceeding than 9 weeks.
  • Remember, you need to avoid to get involved in lovemaking activities after abortion till your bleeding completely stops as it may increase the chance of vaginal infection or second-time pregnancy.
  • Alcohol needs to be completely avoided till your bleeding stops as it may augment the chance of unwanted side effects.