When you get into some specific situation it’s usual to feel nervous, anxious and helpless but when these sensations turn usual and frequent then ……you surely need a treatment!

“If you get phobias……”

“If you feel uncontrolled…..”

“If you feel breathless…..”

“If you get sweaty palms, shivering muscles & pounding beats of heart…….”

“If you get crazy over things that might not ever happen to you…….”

“If there is something that is constantly bothering you in your head, making uncontrollably weak in stomach and shoots down the pain in legs”……. then it’s a time for you to visit the physician as avoiding the particular situation over & again might increase your anxiety and frustration & even push you to the stage of panic attacks and later deep down to depression.

Pex2 is the widely selling brand of Alprazolam which helps to getrid of from depression or anxiety.

Patients with untreated anxiety bounce for years to the different doctors but might not get relief instead become prone to the anxiety attacks. A panic attack gives our body similar experience of physical and mental trauma that one might face in case of real danger. The minor difference is you’re not into actual danger but you experience the same condition.

Anxiety in itself is of many different types such as GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder), SAD (Social Anxiety Disorder), OBC (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), Phobias and panic attacks. Anxiety can be of many types but its treatment is easy with only one medicine name Pex2. Yes! The most sold over the brand of medicine around the world for treatment of anxiety. The active pharmaceutical player enfolded into the brand Pex2 is Alprazolam.

Mechanism: Alprazolam is that pharmaceutical ingredient that exhibits therapeutic effect well accomplished in the people by binding over to Benzodiazepine receptors located over the GABA in protein bi-lipid layer. This complex on formation articulates to open the chloride ion channels and gives way to their influx so as to neutralize the effect of the unbalanced charges over the two sides of the nerves. In this way, the medicine Pex2 neutralizes the development of panic attacks of anxiety. This medicine is also effective against ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and PMS (Pre-Menopausal Syndrome) issues now common in kids.

Dosing: A patient can take up Pex2 either before or after having the meals with only a glass full of water at a time in frequency mentioned by the physician to treat the condition of Anxiety. Therapy with Pex2 is short-term that is 4 weeks max extending to the duration of 10 weeks in observation of a physician. For management of anxiety of mild to moderate pain the dosing to be administered to the patient is 2mg for twice a day.

Precautions: Patients hypersensitive to Alprazolam must not be prescribed for this dosing. Women Pregnant or breastfeeding shouldn’t be prescribed with dosing unless recommended by a physician. This dosing should be given to patients with glaucoma syndrome. Drinks like Grapefruit juice, alcohol and coffee must not be prescribed in simultaneously to the active drug Pex2.  

Pernicious effects: Pex2 pills do exhibit some pernicious effects such as visual disturbance, muscle fatigue, lower coitus appeal, confusion, headache, vertigo, and drowsiness.

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