Depression is the phenomenon that is a mental issue. When people feel sad, loss of interest, and pleasure in your activities are familiar signs that are observed. Those signs are common when you have some worry but when it starts to persist and affect substantially then it is known as a disorder. Depression may get triggered with any episode of trauma. A person starts to feel lonely, isolated, irritated, and cuts off the social circles. When the mental level is unbalanced then it also affects you physically and interrupts your functional area of life. The number of patients with depression is increasing day by day. This is up to you how to tackle your problem. Valdoxan is considered to be the remedy for curing depression related issue. This medicine works when you will be able to put some effort in controlling it. Through counseling and healing therapies your mind set can be changed to better one and so positive vibes begin to come within you. 

The generic name of this medicine Valdoxan is…………… Agomelatine.

This medicine comes as solid dosage form that is………….. Tablet form.

This medicine comes as strength as…………….. 25 mg pill form.

This drug form belongs to the category of……………….. anti-depressants.

 Valdoxan deals with anxious problems and solve that issue safely.

Indication/uses of this medication: It helps in preventing and treating depression in adult patients. This functions in a different way than other anti-depressants.

How this medicine does works in your body to treat depression?

The Agomelatine in this medicine mimics the action of melatonin present inside your brain center. Melatonin hormone is produced by your pineal gland and is soon produced after it starts to get dark. The amount causes an increase till 4 am before it lessens. It controls and manages circadian rhythm and thereby manages sleep. This resynchronizes body’s circadian rhythm. It balances sleep/wake cycle, regulates mood, appetite, and body temperature.

There is an increase in noradrenaline and dopamine that brings in mood upliftment in you. It would not help at once but will correct brain chemicals over some time.

Dosing design and structure about this medicine:

The normal dose is 25 mg and one is advised to consume single pill every day at night time. When signs do not get corrected in two weeks of using this medicine then uplift the dose to two tablets every day used together at night time. This is either used with food or no food.

Know some contradictory parameters and safety tips while using this medicine:

  • One having allergies with its components should never consume this drug form.
  • One whose age is above 75 years should never use this drug.
  • One who is suffering from the hepatic disorder should never consume this drug form.
  • Children having less than 18 years of age should never consume this drug.
  • Patients who are suffering from dementia should never use this medicine.

Some safety parameters are as:

  • High alcoholic drinks will cause ill issues so do not booze.
  • The sleepy or dizzy feeling might interrupt actions so avoid doing driving or machine operations.
  • Do have blood tests to know about the hepatic functionality.
  • Smoking may cause ill issues so avoid using so.
  • Be careful while using this drug in people with above 65 years, people with diabetes, depressive patients, and obese patients.

Some common undesirable effects that can cause you trouble are as insomnia, dizziness, feeling sick, abnormal dreams, back pain, weight gain, sleepy feeling, tired feeling, constipation, diarrhea, and anxiety.

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