Erectile dysfunction is a medical illness of men reproductive system; it is not a serious illness if taken care on the time or treated well with medication. In this medical illness, men become unable to attain harder erection while lovemaking and left ashamed as of his erection failure. This all just happen when men penile does not get enough blood and even after sexual excitement brain is not able to send signal for harder erection. But, the trouble of erection failure can be defeated easily with the aid of erection medication and the popular one among erection medication is Cenforce.

Cenforce Tablets the product encloses Sildenafil is a most famous remedy for the recovery of erectile dysfunction. It causes the hardness of an erection while making out love with your women and gets the pleasure of heaven on the bed. Cenforce is defined as one of the safest and popular options for treating the erection failure and easily affordable option for getting pleasure by beating the erection failure. The drug main movement is to provide enough blood within penile that is the main factor for tougher erection.

 Cenforce treats your erectile disorder without any side effect.

Now you are wondering, what the small pill is going to do inside your body, so let review the action. Sildenafil inside drug fits the PDE-5 enzyme inhibitor and know to work by blocking the functioning of the PDE-5 enzyme responsible for the cGMP depletion. The sexual excitement in men releases the nitric oxide and leads to enhance the formation of cGMP. The level of cGMP get enhanced and supply enough of blood inside penile for making a tougher erection. In this way, the drug is functioning to make your erection tougher.

Cenforce the oral drug is available as of dose strength 50,100, 200 and 150mg. The drug strength can be chosen by men and requires via orally with water. The men have to consume one tablet of Cenforce once a day around 60 minutes before planned lovemaking. The drug gets absorbed within 30 minutes while sexual stimulation. The action stays inside the body for the duration of 5 hours, hence consume one dose only once in 24 hours.

The drug produces some nasty effects like as of facial flushing, nasal decongestion, ringing sound in the ear, chest pain, body pain, and muscle pain, facial flushing, stomach upset, and dizziness and drowsiness.

Therefore, men are commanded to avoid the intake of alcohol, smoking and grapefruit juices while taking Cenforce. If you are consuming Cenforce then avoid the intake of fatty food as it causes poor absorption. Do not take Nitrate derivative as it causes the sudden lowering of blood pressure if taken in combination with Cenforce. If dizziness happens after drug consumption, then avoid taking part in driving and machinery work. If you are facing the trouble of liver, kidney, heart, blood and drug abuse then avoid the use of Cenforce.

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