The intimate compatibility plays a major role in a relationship. Both the partner should have to be sexually compatible on the bed with each other or be able to provide complete satisfaction to each other on the bed. But, every day is not the same day; some days might be bad or worse. Like nowadays, the men at some point may suffer from erection failure, which makes them incapable to have an erection. This incapability may lead to dissatisfied while lovemaking and make a poor bond of intimacy compatibility. Henceforth, the men must have to keep watch of their erection and if they observe some changes then take the help of Vidalista medication before playing intimacy.

Vidalista is the pharmaceutical oral formulation includes Tadalafil as the main functional drug is used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.  The drug has positive action over the men soft penile and the ability to make them harder while lovemaking on the bed with a partner. The drug allows enough amount of blood to flow inside penile during sexual stimulation and outcomes in a harder erection. It is popular among men as of long-lasting action of 36 to 48 hours and one of the safest medications in term of results.

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Tadalafil the drug is supposed to PDE-5 enzyme inhibitor category drug. The Enzyme PDE-5 leads to depletion of CGMP substance into the body and restricts the blood flow to the penile. The blockage of the PDE-5 enzyme causes the reticence of cGMP substance in the body.  Further on, the men stimulation may help by releasing the nitric oxide in the body. The release of nitric acid has the ability to enhance the formation of cGMP, which leads to enhancing formation of cGMP. The raised cGMP causes blood vessels relax and provides enough blood for a harder erection.  

Vidalista comes under the dosage of 20, 40 and 60mg oral tablets. The men are usually suggested to start their treatment with lower dose of 20mg that can be enhanced up to 60 mg if needed. Commercially, the drug intake is suggested to have 30 minutes earlier to the lovemaking and the effects start appearing in 15 minutes. The drug may stay in the men body for the duration of 48 hours; hence the men have to consume one dose once in a day. You must have to avoid the drug overdose else you may observe prolonged or painful ejaculation.

Although, the men may notice some adverse effects of the drug as of body pain, nasal decongestion, dizziness, drowsiness, cheat pain, blur vision, ringing sound in the ear, facial flushing, and stomach upset. Henceforth, the men have to avoid the ingestion of alcohol, grapefruit juices, fatty food and smoking. Never try to combine the Vidalista with nitrate component else it may cause hypotension. Always be alert while drive or doing machinery work after drug ingestion if you ever notice drug dizziness. If you have allergic issues with Tadalafil then do not consume Vidalista.

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