Even though the males are physically strong but if they face erection problem this could make them be mentally weak as their mind is filled with the thought of being impotent and unable to satisfy their partner. Frequent erection failure could be the reason of their mental disturbances and they failed to give their best in all other activities in countable with intimacy sessions. Erection problems could be defined as the condition where a male even after a bounce of sensual arousal and head filled up with sensual desires and fantasies failed to get an erection. Only this is not the definition of erection failure sometimes even if get an erection but he fails to keep it for the time being starting the intercourse act with his spouse. Erection failure condition might not be erased from the bottom line but it could be excluded for some duration with the help of some anti-impotent medicines. Vidalista is one such medicine that could help the males who are finding an appropriate solution to their lost erection ability.   

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Vidalista tablets are helping a number of males to bring back their lost sensual happiness as this medicine gives the male enough strength to hold his erection. Vidalista tablets are helpful in case of giving more pleasure in the intimacy session as it upholds the erection for a longer time while he is indulged in sensual activities.  Vidalista is the marketed product for the generic drug Tadalafil that helps in the blocking of the action of the PDE5 enzyme upon the degradation of cGMP compound. The main purpose of cGMP is to relax the muscle cells of the arteries and allow enough amount of blood to flow towards the penile duct to give enough pressure to maintain the stagnant erection for more time.

Vidalista is sufficient to be consumed in the dosing strength of 20 mg, 40 mg, and 60 mg and one tablet are sufficient for next three days as it gives its action for longer than 36 to 48 hours. The tablet is to be ingested 30 minutes before any intimacy session via oral route with a colossal amount of water. The ingestion of this medicine could be done with respect to food or without food.

Precautionary tips with Vidalista medicine:

  • Do not take this medicine along with any heavy meals or fatty food items.
  • Do not take this medicine in case of allergic or hypersensitive reaction towards the drug.
  • Do not take this medicine when you are already using any nitrate drug during the medication period.
  • Do not take this medicine in case you have drunk alcohol in the complete day.
  • Do not take this medicine if you are still under the age of 18 years.

Noxious aftermaths with Vidalista tablets:

Vidalista tablets to some of the males using this medicine may lead to some side effects like dizziness, drowsiness, headache, tiredness, painful erection, mood swings, muscle cramps, stomach ache, or swelling.

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