Samantha is 33 and a mother of one in her 5 years of marriage. The travel had been satisfying throughout even after the odds she had to face. She was a mother of one and had given all the love and care to that child, it was difficult to be a mother while being a manager at some place, so she took a long break, now when she returned, she wanted to focus there. As fate had it, even after all the caution and condoms, she became pregnant again. This time she was not ecstatic, she was confused at first and firm later on. She had decided to abort.

Abortion Pills for the termination of unintended pregnancy

When somebody has sacrificed so much for motherhood, it seems to be a paradox, how can you feel a certain way about one pregnancy and different way for the other? Maybe, because pregnancy is only an event that of course invokes a certain amount of emotions which can go either way depending upon the situations.  In the current case, the woman was happy about the first one as she was wanting it to happen, that pregnancy was in concordance with all requirements and planning, she took all measures to make it successful and bring up her child with all the responsibility.

This time probably because she understands the responsibility of bringing up a child and the sacrifices it demands, she does not want it. She found abortion to be apt in her case specifically as she had taken all measures to avoid such situations and could not go leaving her job and taking a break from her life. Did she not feel bad about it? She did but she found it necessary too. We all have to make such decisions in life where the choice is tough, people choose as per their convenience.

For those women who seek to conclude their unintended pregnancies, abortion pill is the better way of doing this bitter thing.

There is a surge in use of Abortion Pills for the termination of unintended pregnancy as they provided a whole new set of advantages to women who could not avail it earlier. These pills have an upper hand over other methods as they are tool-free, lesser painful, far less costly, private and a method with a higher success rate (98%). Abortion Pill has as its generic, two FDA approved drugs called Mifepristone and Misoprostol which can either used in combination or individually.

Mifegyne, RU486, Mifeprex, and Korlym are famous and reputed brand names for Mifepristone. Cytotec has Misoprostol and MTP Kit has both these drugs.

Mifepristone imparts its action by antagonizing Progesterone. By this action, it makes the Myometrium susceptible to contraction and dilates the cervix. In addition, it cuts the supply of oxygen and nutrients so that the embryo's survival can be stopped and promotes the exclusion of placenta from the uterine wall. Misoprostol works by interacting with the Myometrial receptors changes the calcium concentration which results in contraction, that facilitates the expulsion of the embryo from the womb.

Mifegyne, RU486, Mifeprex, and Korlym have three pills of Mifepristone (200mg each) which are to be taken orally, on an empty stomach and with water. After a wait of two days, get the abortion confirmed by getting an ultrasonography done. In very few cases complete abortion does not happen for the first time, if that happens you are required to take two pills of Misoprostol(200mcg each) either by oral or vaginal route. Wait for another two days before repeating the process of getting the abortion validated.

Misoprostol has 12 pills of Misoprostol 200mcg each, these should be taken in a batch of four pills taken three times maintaining a gap of 5 hours between each dose. The mode of administration can be oral or vaginal depending on the convenience of the patient. Get the abortion done after two days of waiting.

MTP Kit makes use of both (Mifepristone + Misoprostol), and it has 5 pills, one of which is Mifepristone 200mg and rest are Misoprostol 200mcg each. On day 1 of the therapy, take the only Mifepristone pill, orally on an empty stomach, with water. On day three take the rest of the pills either orally or vaginally. On day 14, get your abortion confirmed through an ultrasonography.

The most regular side effects that get demonstrated in a few users are abdominal pain or cramp, excessive vaginal bleeding, wooziness, headache, nausea, back pain, diarrhea, exhaustion, and vomiting.


•     Take off the IUD (intrauterine device) in place, if you have any.  

•   This medication is not meant to end an ectopic pregnancy, do not use them to manage this condition.

•    None of the brands mentioned above should be made use of, to terminate a pregnancy more than 9 weeks of age.

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