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Bladder / Prostate Disorder

Bladder prostate problem usually starts in the middle of the age. Prostate, a walnut shaped gland, is found under the passage of bladder. It is mainly responsible for constructing the fluid that is responsible for protection of sperm and also improves it. Due to problem in this organ, male might suffer difficulty in urination. Some of you might feel less urination and some might get frequent urination. Not only is this, in some case, forceful urination also seen. Bladder-prostate medicines works by relaxing the neck muscles and muscle fibres of the bladder. Hence, you will get relief from this problem. A very common problem associated with this is benign prostatic hyperplasia. Being a prescribed medicine, you should always consult your doctor prior using this medicine. Some of the bladder-prostate medicines are Casodex, Avodart, Ditropan, Macrobid, Solifenacin, Tamsulosin, UroXatral, Urispas, Urecholine, etc. You can buy these medicines from us at wallet-friendly prices.

  • Macrobid


    NITROFURANTOIN (nye-troe-fyoor-AN-toyn)

  • Solifenacin


    Solifenacin (sol-i-FEN-a-cin) Succinate (SUX-in-ate)

  • Tamsulosin


    TAMSULOSIN (tam-SOO-loe-sin)

  • Urecholine


    Bethanechol (be-Than-e-kol)

  • Urispas


    Flavoxate (fla-VOX-ate)

  • UroXatral


    Alfuzosin Hydrochloride


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