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Skin Care

Skin is the largest organ of our body and acts as defensive layer. It regulates the insulation, regulates the temperature and the vitamin D synthesis. Skin protects our body from pathogens, water loss, pollution, etc. All these factors lead to tanning, freckles, wrinkles, melasma, redness of skin, etc. To prevent all these adverse effects our pharmacy store provides a variety of beauty and skin care products. All products we provide are FDA approved.

These beauty products are antibacterial or antifungal and treat the infections like Melacare cream regulates the formation of melanin and lowers the tanning of the skin. It is also used in the prevention of the pimples and the acne. Even these also include the drugs for beautifying eye lashes. These drugs include 9 PM eye drops, Latoprost eye drops, etc.

Beauty products should not be applied on the cuts, sunburned skin, wounded skin, etc. If eye drops by chance enters into eye wash your eyes with plenty of water.

Beauty and skin care products that are available at our online pharmacy store are Beta Val cream, Latoprost eye drop, Melalite cream, Melacare cream, latim, benzagel, retino A, vibre tablet, ganfort, Nexret, etc. You can buy these drugs from our online pharmacy store at a very affordable rate.

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