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Alphagan contains Brimonidine as active ingredient that belongs to the alpha-2-adrenergic receptor agonist family of medicines. The eye drop form of this medication helps to reduce the increased pressure inside the eye in people who are struggling with problems of open-angle glaucoma or intraocular hypertension. In natural course, fluid is constantly formed and drained out from the eye. In some conditions, the natural process of draining of these fluids form eyes get interrupted which results in increasing pressure inside the eye. The medicinal help of Brimonidine works appropriately to reduce the amount of fluid made inside the eye. This effective medicine starts to work within 2 hours just after instilled in the eye.

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What is the right way for instilling this eye drops to get best results?

  1. Before using eye drops it is a necessary hygiene habit to wash hands.

  2. Start with removing the cap of the refill and putting it on a clean place.

  3. Pay attention while handling the eye drop to avoid possible contaminations. Avoid touching the tip of the container with any surface or body parts.

  4. To put drop in eye, tilt your head in the back slightly facing towards the ceiling.

  5. Gently make a pocket from the lower eyelid and put one drop inside eye.

  6. While doing so be cautious to not touch the tip of the applicator with fingers or any surface.

  7. At the bridge of the nose softly put pressure for few seconds to keep the medication inside the eyes. It will help to keep medicine inside eye for longer and avoiding draining of it with tears.

  8. If you have problem with the other eye too, apply the same procedure.

  9. After use wash your hands again.

  10. People who wear contact lenses should use this medication with extra care. Before using brimonidine eye drop into your eye, remove contact lenses. However, you may again put contact lenses back after 15 minutes of using the medication. 

What are the health conditions in which Alphagan should not be used?

  1. People who have any type of allergies with brimonidine eye drops should not use this product.

  2. If you are taking medication with monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOI) such as phenelzine, tranylcypromine, you should not use Alphagan.

  3. This medication is not appropriate to be used in children less than 2 years of age.

  4. Use of Alphagan eye drops is not profitable for health in pregnant females as well as who are planning for pregnancy due to possible risks to the health of the fetus.

  5. Similarly, breast-feeding mothers should also use this medication with caution only after permission of your doctor as it is not known if brimonidine passes into breast milk.

What are the heath conditions in which Alphagan brimonidine eye drop should be used with caution?

Alphagan brimonidine to care your eyes should be used with caution in following conditions:

  1. If you have heart and blood vessels (cardiovascular disease) related problems.

  2. The issues related to decreased blood supply to the heart, known as coronary insufficiency or angina can create problem if patient uses brimonidine for any medical benefits.

  3. Patients struggling with cerebral insufficiency like brain related problems or who have survived a stroke or mini-stroke should also use this eye care medication with caution.

  4. People having problem with blood pressure especially while changing postures from lying down to sitting or standing may face dizziness and light-headedness while using this medication.

  5. Patients with numb and painful fingers caused due to narrowing of blood vessels called Raynaud's phenomenon should also use this eye product carefully.

  6. Patients of depression, decreased kidney or liver function should also use this eye care remedy cautiously.


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Generic Brinzolamide Opthalmic
Strength Azopt - Brinzolamide Opthalmic Suspension 1% - 5 ml
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