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Anti-Hemorrhoids Drugs

Anti-hemorrhoid drugs are used to treat the disease of hemorrhoid. It is commonly known as piles. Hemorrhoid is a condition in which the veins that supply blood to anal area get bulge or swell. These drugs act to lessen the swelling and inflammation. It provides the relief from the discomfort cause by the hemorrhoids. Symptoms of hemorrhoids includes bleeding from the rectum, irritation, pain, inflammation and discomfort in the anal area. Anti-hemorrhoids drugs are available in various dosage forms in the market like cream, ointments, suppositories, etc.


Anti-hemorrhoids drugs contain four other ingredients or their combination. It contains vasoconstrictions that help to reduce the swelling and provide relief from the itching, irritation and the uneasiness by contraction of the blood vessels. Local anesthetics also act to provide relief from pain for temporary period of time. Protectants calm the irritated tissue and build a defensive barrier to put a stop to further irritation. Astringent causes the shrinkage of hemorrhoids by pulling water out of the swollen tissue to provide relief from inflammation, burning sensation, irritation, etc.


Drugs that are available at our online pharmacy store are diltiazem gel (diltigestic gel), nitrogesic (nitroglycerin ointment) and proctosedyl ointment (hydrocortisone, cinchocaine hydrochloride.

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