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Anthelmintic Drugs

Anthelmintic drugs those that are responsible for the elimination of parasitic worms or helminthes from the body. Drugs either kill them or cause any damage to the body of the host. Parasites mainly affect the intestine and lungs or bloodstream. Worm such as flatworms and roundworms can present in the human body. Flatworms include the class trematode (flukes), cestoda (tapeworms), and turbellaria (planaria) while roundworms include nematodes.

Worm infestations in other body tissues are expelled with anthelmintic drugs that move about in the bloodstream where they get killed by putting off them from getting essential nutrients. Most of the times, infestations are treated effortlessly with a small course of oral drugs. Worm infestations of the tissues can affect the lungs, liver or bones.

How these anti-helmintic drugs work?

Anthelmintic drugs may be of two types- vermifuges (drugs that make parasites unconscious) or vermicides (drugs that kill the parasites). These medicines are very useful for removing the worms, which then pass out of the body in the faeces. Although, this drug will eliminate worms but appropriate hygiene is essential to stop re-infestation of worms and parasites. Therefore, it is suitable to use soap to clean your hands before meals and after toilet. 

Medication available for treating worms/parasites-

Commonly available drugs as anti-helmintics-

  1. Albendazole

  2. Praziquantel

  3. Pyrantel

  4. Thiabendazole

  5. Oxamniquine

  6. Ivermectin

  7. Mebendazole

Drugs available at our pharmacy are Albendazole, Permethrin, Ivermectin and Vermox. You can buy these drugs at a very nominal price from our site.

  • Vermox




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