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Alzheimers Drugs

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is a neurological disorder. It is a common form of dementia means memory loss. In Alzheimer Brain cell leads to death causing dementia and cognitive decline. Initially the condition of the disease is mild but it may worsen with time, if untreated. It causes the bad effect on the neurons, minimizes cerebral cortex and hippocampus and leads to the formation of plaque in the brain resulting in decline of memory and other mental functions and ultimately leads to death.

Symptoms of the Alzheimer’s disorder:

Early seen symptoms are-

  1. Don’t remember about recent conversations or events held

  2. forget the names of places and objects

  3. repeat questions repeatedly

  4. face difficulty to make decisions

  5. become unwilling to adapt to change

But later on these conditions increased to-

  1. very confusing and disoriented

  2. obsessive, repetitive or impulsive behavior

  3. delusions

  4. problems with speech or language, sleep

  5. mood swings

At a very later stage condition may become very worst.

  1. difficulty in eating and swallowing 

  2. difficulty in changing position or moving around

  3. significant weight loss

  4. unintentional passing of urine or stools

  5. gradual loss of speech

  6. significant problems with short- and long-term memory

Management of AD:

Alzheimer’s medicines are useful medicines for the treatment of AD. If you take proper care of your health with regular medication then it can make improved your life. Alzheimer's drugs repair the syndrome or stop its development. Begin your medication with low doses and step by step amplify the dosage based on how well a patient endures the drug. Some of the most effective drugs for the treatment of Alzheimer disease are: Exelon Generic, Aricept Generic, Namenda Generic, and Nootropil Generic.

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  • Aricept


    DONEPEZIL (doh-NEP-eh-zil)

  • Exelon


    RIVASTIGMINE [riv-a-STIG-meen]

  • Namenda


    Memantine (mem-an-teen)


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