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Alcohol & Drug Treatment

Alcoholism is a progressive chronic disease that includes problem in controlling your drinks, even if you have already consumed the alcohol because it leads to physical dependence. If you will stop alcohol at once it may cause withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms which can appear after quitting alcohol are- anxiety, shakiness of the body, sweating, fatigue, headache, loss of appetite, depression, etc.

Effect of alcoholism:

Alcoholism or alcohol abuse affects every aspect of life adversely. If it is consumed for long term can impose a serious health complication and can affect organs of your life. It also ruins financial status, career or even relationship and family.

Management of alcoholism:

If you have alcoholism and want to quit the alcohol then you need strong will power along with medication.

  1. Acamposate act by stabilizing the brain chemistry that gets changed after due to alcohol dependence. It

  2. Disulfiram drug acts by blocking the elimination of acetaldehyde that is produced in the body when alcohol breaks down in the presence of an enzyme. This acetaldehyde is the main cause of hangover symptoms.

  3. Naltrexone acts as a competitive antagonist for Opioid receptors and blocks the effect of the opiates and endorphins. It results in decreasing curve for alcohol.

  4. Calcium cardimide (Temposil) act in the same way as Disulfiram works.

Drugs available at our site:

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